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C2539 TRAVEL BAG Now you can finally pack your own bag when it’s time for holiday. Our bag contains the most important things you need for the journey, long or short. Here you will find a passport, ticket and your own camera with a prism so that you can photograph your entire trip. If it is a long journey, there is an eye mask so that you can easily doze off and wake up just in time for arrival. There is also a map so you can see where you are going, and if you get bored there is a fun balloon game that you can play with your friends along the way. To play the game, roll the dice and put the right coloured tile on the matching coloured balloon. First one to fill the game tiles with balloons wins. Have a nice trip! Size of bag: 19x13cm 3+ Our travel bag includes the following: 1 ”Little Traveller” Carry Case 1 Passport, 3 Tickets 1 Wooden Camera with Prism 1 Fabric Eye Mask 1 World Map (coated paper) Travel game with 4 game tiles 24 balloon counters and 1 dice PLAY & PRETEND Travel Bag

PLAY & PRETEND Barber Bag W7222 BARBER BAG Finally, you can open your own barber shop at home with our cool barber bag. Style the perfect beard with comb, scissors, trimmer and razor which of course is complemented by shaving foam and shaving brush. Check out the perfect result in the included mirror. Of course, the treatment ends with a little luxurious perfume Size of bag: 19x13cm 3 + Our barber bag includes the following: 1 bag, 1 shaving foam, 1 razor, 1 scissors, 1 comb, 1 trimmer, 1 perfume bottle, 1 shaving brush, 1 mirror, 1 towel.

PLAY & PRETEND Song Bag C2541 SONG BAG Give yourself a cosy moment together with this fun songbag. The bag contains 23 cards with different motifs, and the players will sing a song based on the motif on the card. Use the small fishing rod that is included to catch a card and sing the song that is associated with the motif. Combining words and singing is a fun way for your children to learn to put words to pictures. Let your child have the excitement and joy of picking the cards and decide which songs you should sing together. Size of bag: 27x22cm 3+ Our song bag includes the following: 23 cards, 1 fishing rod, 1 song book

PLAY & PRETEND Veterinary Belt W7219 THE VETERINARY BELT Our veterinary belt is perfect for all small veterinarians. You and your friends can examine and treat all animals, large and small. The belt contains everything needed for your pets to feel healthy. Listen to the heart beat, take blood samples and control the body temperature. Length: 40-80cm 3+ The veterinary belt contains the following: 1 belt, 1 veterinary hat, 1 neck collar, 1 thermometer, 1 syringe, 1 reflex hammer, 1 tube of ointment, 1 stethoscope.


BALANCING Whale BALANCINGWHALE A fun and educational game for the whole family where children learn about balance and distinguishing between different colours. The game involves putting as many wooden blocks as possible on the whale’s back while preventing it from tipping over in either direction. Roll the dice, choose the corresponding colour of a block, and place the block on the whale’s back. If any block falls off the whale or if it tips over, you have lost. May the best player win! The game contains the following: 1 whale, 1 dice and 18 small wooden blocks in different sizes and colours. C2542 BALANCINGWHALE WHALE : 21X9,5X2,5CM 3+

WOODEN TOYS Play & Learn W7223 STACKING RAINBOW This wooden rainbow consists of eight different parts. Each part can be played with separately or together as a stacking toy. Why not build exciting tunnels, small houses for dolls, or bridges for the favourite car. Only the child’s imagination sets the limits. Size: 25x5x13CM 18m+ W7224 PULL AND STACKING SNAIL Cute wooden pull snail with a stackable rainbow on its back. The perfect company when the child takes its first exploratory walks. Only the child’s imagination sets the limit. Size: 22x7x12CM 18m+

WOODEN TOYS Play & Learn C2537 STACKING AND SORTING CUBES Cubes with both stacking and sorting tasks, these cubes are both an educational toy developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination and a nice interior detail. Each cube has two different motifs, a number, and a shaped form into which the right wooden piece can be inserted. The largest cube is 12x12cm 18m+ Includes 5 cardboard cubes and 5 sorting blocks W7220 SPORTSCAR TRAILER Pedal to the metal! This cool trailer is a must for any car crazy kid. The trailer has three cars and two decks where you load your cars and easily transport them to the garage. The trailer is detachable so you can drive around only with the trailer. Size of trailer: 32x8x12cm 18m+ Includes: 1 truck with detachable trailer, 3 cars.

WOODEN TOYS Bunny Collection C2536 XYLOPHONE 22X14X3CM 18M+ C2534 SORTER BOX 14X13X12CM 18M+ C2535 HAMMER PEG 14X13X12CM 18M+ C2533 STACKING CUBES 1-5 TOTAL H48CM 18M+ C2538 TOOL BOX BUNNY 21X12X15CM 3+

BANANA SPLIT Lovely banana split to serve all your friends. Now you can build and design your very own banana split. How about sun-ripened bananas, ice cream in delicious flavors, and freshly whipped cream with cherries on top. Of course, a recipe card is included as well. Our banana split includes the following: 1 platter, 1 spoon, 2 bananas, 3 scoops of ice cream in different flavors, 3 cream tops with cherries and 1 recipe card PLAY & PRETEND Ice cream T290 ICE CREAM BOX 15X15X5CM 2+ W7216 BANANA SPLIT 21X16X6CM 2+

PLAY & PRETEND Food W7221 STACKING BURGER 20X13X12CM 2+ C2540 TRAVEL FOOD TRAY 25X18X1CM 3+ W7217 BBQ 29X21X14M 3+

A3221 STORAGE BOX BUNNY Ø23CM H13CM 3+ STORAGE Collection A3219 SUITCASE PINK 34X25X10CM 3+ A3222 STORAGE BOX TEDDY Ø23CM H13CM 3+ A3220 SUITCASE BEIGE 34X25X10CM 3+ STORAGE The lovely vintage styled suitcases are equipped with metal claps and a handle. A practical storage and a beautiful decoration for the children’s room. Fill the elegant round boxes with little treasures and favourite things or accessories. Stack on each other or put the smaller ones into the larger ones when not in use. Made of hard cardboard and are sold in sets.

N0188 GIFT BOX KITTEN BOX:33X13,5X8,5CM 0+ N0187 GIFT BOX PUPPY BOX:33X13,5X8,5CM 0+ N0186 GIFT BOX ELEPHANT BOX:33X13,5X8,5CM 0+ BABY GIFTS Buddies N0185 GIFT BOX TEDDY BOX:33X13,5X8,5CM 0+ N0184 GIFT BOX BUNNY BOX:33X13,5X8,5CM 0+ GIFT BOX BUDDIES A soft and cuddly friend for the smallest children. The buddy comes in a nice and exclusive gift box that is a perfect gift for the first birthday, baptism or to the newborn. A child often feels safe with a well-known cuddle or plush toy, so let our buddies be your child’s best friend to cuddle at bedtime. All buddies are 27cm and are made of the softest muslin. Which will be your favorite?

BABY GIFTS Blankets and Friend N0182 GIFT KIT ELEPHANT BOX:33X13,5X8,5CM 0+ N0183 GIFT KIT TEDDY BOX:33X13,5X8,5CM 0+ N0181 GIFT KIT BUNNY BOX:33X13,5X8,5CM 0+ GIFT KIT BLANKET AND PACIFIER BUDDY A perfect exclusive gift for the first birthday, to baptism or why not to the new born. The baby blanket is soft and made of 100% cotton. The baby’s pacifier is easily attached to the pacifier friend, so you easily keep track of it at all excursions. The pacifier friend can be attached to all types of pacifiers. Size of blankets: 95x75cm and size of pacifier buddy: 21cm and they are made in the softest muslin.

N0178 MUSICAL 20CM 0+ N0180 RATTLE 17CM 0+ N0176 BUDDY 29CM 0+ N0177 MUSICAL 20CM 0+ BABY BUDDIES Puppy & Kitten N0179 RATTLE 16CM 0+ N0175 BUDDY 27CM 0+ PUPPY & KITTEN Say hello to our two new buddies, Puppy and Kitten! Let our buddies be your child’s best friends to cuddle with at bedtime. Let your child fall asleep to a soothing melody from our musical. Our adorable handheld rattles are easy to grab for the baby’s little fingers. All buddies, musicals and rattles are made of the softest muslin. Which will be your favorite?

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