11 QUALITY At our company, quality is a priority when designing toys and products for younger ones. We are committed to getting rid of the throw-away culture that currently exists in today´s toy industry. Instead, we design items that will become cherished keepsakes for children to keep for many years. This is why we make use of natural and sustainable materials with a timeless design so our products can be passed down from one generation to the next, creating a better future. SAFETY Since safety concerns are ingrained throughout our entire business, we take great responsibility in creating products that are secure for children. Our products are rigorously tested to meet current safety standards in Sweden and Europe and are CE marked as evidence of our high standards. Everything about the products is tested, including the choice of materials, construction, and color as well as the presence of any chemicals. You can be confident that any products you purchase from us have been manufactured, tested, and approved in accordance with all applicable laws and strict regulations. Our products comply with EN71-1, 2, and 3. Additionally, we promise that none of our products contain phthalates, BPA, or PVC. ETHICAL STANDARDS Since many of our suppliers have been with us since the start of Jabadabado, we have a close bond and excellent working relationships with them. Most of our suppliers belong to SEDEX, a global membership organization that promotes improvements in ethical and responsible business conduct. Our factories undergo routine audits in accordance with reputable programs like BSCI and SEDEX. DESIGN We are passionate about design. Our style is timeless and playful, with an emphasis on functionality. We have everything you need to create a stylish and cosy room for your child, with soft natural authentic colours and innovative and exciting patterns and shapes. Aesthetics, durability, feel, and function go hand in hand for us. We see no contradiction between feel good, do good and look good. Rather the contrary. We are also known for our beautiful and stylish packaging, which makes our products wonderful gifts that are equally enjoyable to give and receive.