Thewonderful fun toy The toy. The appreciated gift that makes the birthday as fantastic as you can hope for. Both children and adults can look forward to a gift that is solid, well designed and that can be played with for generations. A toy that can inspire to dreams of the future, and interior design that creates a cozy space where the child can create their own magical world. The doctor’s bag, the birthday train, the rocking horse, the parking garage and the ice cream shop are some of our contributions to fantasy excursions and developing ways of playing. We are driven by the love of giving the very best to the most valuable we have, our children. Children’s joy and playfulness are always the starting point when we design and shape our products. We create genuine products that encourage family traditions, which are played with intensively for a few years. They can be inherited and find new playmates as they are made to last for real. We are humbly aware that we are part of an important period, as it is very much about giving a good start, spark curiosity, playfulness and having a shared experience with your child. Or a much-needed break while the child plays. We believe that our products convey even more care and security, to both children and parents, by always being safe, well-made and nicely designed. In addition, we develop our toys to encourage learning, with support from the latest findings on children’s development. Through constant development and a growing range of wonderful toys and interior details, we show great care for small people.