49 C2540 TRAVEL FOOD TRAY 25X18X1CM 3+ W7200 SHELF WITH GROCERIES 32X28CM 2+ W7211 RESTAURANT ACCESSORIES 15X15X12CM 3+ W7212 HEADWAITER SET HAT AND APRON IN ONE SIZE 3+ W7182 BREAKFAST 2+ W7166 CASH REGISTER 25X16X16CM 3+ TRAVEL FOOD TRAY It’s dinner time! You can combine different tasty meals and serve your guests. Why not offer a yummy baguette with freshly squeezed juice or a tasty donut with a drink. On this tray, almost the entire diet circle is represented and only the imagination sets the limits for what is served. HEADWAITER SET Your guests can easily order from the well-stocked menu. And to be a serving staff, you need both a hat and an apron as well as writing pads and pencils to take orders. When your guests are full and satisfied, you easily charge with the associated tablet.