53 G12021 TEA SET TEDDY & BUNNY IN TIN. 15PCS. 29X20X9CM 3+ G12019 TEA SET SEAHORSE IN TIN. 15PCS. 29X20X9CM 3+ G12023 PORCELAIN TEA SET 34,5X23X10,5CM. 3+ PORCELAIN TEA SET Cute porcelain tea set beautifully decorated with a delicate cherry print. Now you can set the table and invite your stuffed animals and friends for a delicious tea party. G12017 PICNIC BASKET IN TIN. 19PCS. 21X13X9CM 3+ G12020 BAKERY SET 29X20X9CM 3+ G12022 KITCHEN SET IN TIN. 29X20X9CM 3+