75 JABADABADO + SUSTAINABILITY Jabadabado has become synonymous with colorful and beautiful wooden toys, baby items, and children´s room décor. When we develop our items, we use sustainable and natural materials like wood and cotton, with an emphasis on color, design, and function. Each product is produced with tremendous originality and enthusiasm, right down to the least detail, and the great quality and timeless design means that the products can be enjoyed for a very long time and used for generations. All of our goods are thoroughly assessed before being approved; from material selection, design and colour to any potential chemical presence. With us, you can shop confidently knowing that all of our products meet the highest safety standards. Moreover, we ensure minimal plastic content in our packaging materials to reduce environmental footprint. CHILDREN´S JOY IS OUR DRIVE We have been passionate about providing the best for children since we began in 1993; this passion is reflected in the items we create. From doctor´s bags to birthday trains, rocking horses to parking garages, ice cream shops and more, our products are designed to spark imaginative play. We make each one from high-quality materials so they can become family heirlooms and be passed on for generations of fun and entertainment. Our ultimate goal is for kids to experience joy and we strive for that with every item we create.