JABADABADO – SWEDISH DESIGN THAT SPECIAL GIFT Welcome to explore our magical world! Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or expressing your care in a tangible way, our safe and sustainable gifts make a positive impact. A SAFE AND SUSTAINABLE GIFT 30 years ago, the foundation was laid for what is now the Swedish toy company Jabadabado. All our designs originate from our headquarters in Landskrona, Sweden and present a wide range of baby items to offer comfort, care and delightful moments for the baby. With our commitment to sustainable materials and timeless design, each baby item is not just an accessory but a piece of joy that stands the test of time. Step into our enchanting world, where elegance meets safety, and every cuddle is a promise of comfort and care. Let us be the companion in creating a magical tapestry of cherished moments for your little one. Tiny toes, giggles, and endless joy! Welcoming a new baby into life is like opening a precious gift and the world gets a whole lot sweeter. Selecting the perfect gift for a newborn can pose a challenge, and we understand the significance of presenting something extraordinary during this momentous time. There- fore, we’ve crafted an extensive range of baby gifts suitable for every occasion and budget. Each package includes adorable items thoughtfully assembled in exclusive gift boxes. Giving a gift of love should be a joyful and uncomplicated experience, and now you can ensure that your gesture will be both valued and used, just as you envision. A choice that prioritizes safety and sustainability, our carefully curated selection is designed to bring joy while keeping both the recipient and the environment in mind. Each item within this thoughtfully assembled collection adheres to the highest safety standards, ensuring the well-being of those who use it.

Welcome to explore our magical world

BABY GIFT With Blanket Our most exclusive baby gift comes in a lavish gift box and includes three thoroughly selected items to give baby a good start in life. BABY BLANKET MUSICAL BABY TEXTILE RATTLE The soft blanket is made in 100% muslin cotton and an essential for the new baby. Size 70x90cm. The cute musical will infuse bedtime with magic, turning each night or nap into an enchanting lullaby-filled adventure. Size 21 cm. Plays ”Brahms Lullaby”. The adorable rattle in 100% soft muslin cotton is the perfect companion for the baby’s developmental journey. Size 15 cm. S1021 BABY GIFT BUNNY BLANKET S1022 BABY GIFT TEDDY BLANKET BOX: 26,5X22X8CM 0+ BOX: 26,5X22X8CM 0+

BABY GIFT With Cuddle This baby gift is filled with adorable products that will become essentials in the family. This pre-packaged gift, presented in an exclusive gift box, is perfect for welcoming a new little life into the world. BABY CUDDLE BABY PACIFIERS BABY WOOD RATTLE The cuddle in 100% muslin cotton is designed for cosy naps and bedtime snuggles and is the perfect companion for warm and tender moments. Size 39x39cm. A two-pack of Swedish produced pacifiers from will sooth the baby with comfort and sweetness. Age 0-4 months. The cute textile rattle with a handle in wood will stimulate the baby senses and is a perfect toy to use in a baby’s developmental journey. Ø 8cm. S1023 BABY GIFT BUNNY CUDDLE S1024 BABY GIFT TEDDY CUDDLE BOX: 25,5X20X7CM 0+ BOX: 25,5X20X7CM 0+

BABY GIFT With Rattle This gift set includes two top selling items, cuddle and rattle, both in adorable design and 100% soft muslin cotton. A wonderful and exclusive gift that will be appreciated, loved and used. BABY CUDDLE BABY TEXTILE RATTLE A cuddle will provide lots of cosy moments for the baby, and it is a good idea to introduce it early in baby’s life to provide comfort and sooth when needed. Size 39x39cm. The rattle is both fun and educational since it can stimulate baby’s senses and train grip and hand-eye coordination. Size 15cm. S1025 BABY GIFT BUNNY PINK S1026 BABY GIFT BUNNY GREEN BOX: 25,5X20X7CM BOX: 25,5X20X7CM

Favorites in new colors

BABY GIFTS Buddies GIFT BOX BUDDIES N0184 GIFT BOX BUNNY N0187 GIFT BOX PUPPY N0188 GIFT BOX KITTEN N0186 GIFT BOX ELEPHANT N0185 GIFT BOX TEDDY BOX: 33X13, 5X8, 5CM 0+ BOX: 33X13, 5X8, 5CM 0+ BOX: 33X13, 5X8, 5CM 0+ BOX: 33X13, 5X8, 5CM 0+ BOX: 33X13, 5X8, 5CM 0+ A soft and cuddly friend for the smallest children. The buddy comes in a nice and exclusive gift box that is a perfect gift for the first birthday, baptism or to the newborn. A child often feels safe with a well-known cuddle or plush toy, so let our buddies be your child’s best friend to cuddle at bedtime. All buddies are 27cm and are made of the softest muslin. Which will be your favorite?

CONTACT DISTRIBUTION Special thanks to all our little models and influencers! Head Office and Warehouse Varggatan 10 261 44 Landskrona Sweden Phone: +46 418 23470 info@jabadabado.se www.jabadabado.com Interested in representing Jabadabado in your shop? Please contact us at info@jabadabado.se To see our complete range, visit www.jabadabado.com where our catalogue for 2023/2024 can be found. In May we will release our new catalogue for 2024/2025. Follow us on Instagram and get inspired and updated on new products. Tag your moments with #jabadabado for a chance to get featured on our Instagram. jabadabado_official Jabadabado AB jabadabado_official