Upplev Kattegattleden 2022 EN

13 HIGHLIGHTS Höganäs – Ängelholm 8. Höganäs Museum The museum offers several art exhibitions each year. Don’t miss the interesting exhibitions on ceramics and local history. 10. Keramiskt center In the outlet store area in Höganäs you will find Keramiskt center, with exhibitions of ceramics as well as a shop and workshop. 9. Salthallarna Some distance away from the path but perfekt for lunch or coffee. After you’ve enyoyed your meal, you can be inspired and shop for art, interior design and vintage! 12. Kullaberg naturreservat Experience Kullaberg nature reserve, with its beautiful forests, dramatic cliffs and breathtaking views of the Öresund strait and Kattegatt sea area. At the Kullaberg visitor centre, 8 km from the path, staff will be happy to give you tips on visitor destinations and hiking trails. 11. Krapperup After Lerhamn you can turn off towards Krapperup Fortress. There you’ll find a cafe, art gallery, museums and a beautiful park that’s always open to visitors. 13. Arild Picturesque Arild offers a cafe in the harbour and restaurants at the village’s hotel, with views of the pretty village. 14. Trädgårdsköket This cafe offers homemade delicacies. Take a seat in the delightful greenhouse and enjoy a good cup of coffee and a delicious homemade cake or pastry. 15. Ufo-monumentet Did creatures from another planet land in Ängelholm? In the forest known as Sibirien (Siberia) in southern Ängelholm, there is a unique UFO monument. Photography: Keramiskt Center Photography: Höganäs Municipality Photography: Mamsellen & Matverkstan Photography: Lisbeth Holmåker Photography: Höganäs Municipality Worth a detour. The highlight is a short distance from the path. You will find more highlights at kattegattleden.se