Upplev Kattegattleden 2022 EN

17 HIGHLIGHTS Ängelholm – Båstad Photography: Ateljé Lena Photography Photography: Hendric Bengtsson Photography: Louise Nordström Pettersson Photography: Charlotta Bjärholm Photography: Anna-Karin Nilsson 20. Hallands Väderö This island is a gem in the Kattegatt strait, a muchloved location for bathers and boaters and one of Sweden’s most exciting environments for birdwatchers and biologists. The island has an area of only 3 km2 but still accommodates a wide variety of nature. If you want to discover the island, you should walk along one of the designated paths. You can go bathing in several places from the rocks and on the beaches with their shallow waters. It’s a good idea to take your own picnic and mosquito repellent if you’re going through the forest. 16. På Stan Ängelholm offers an exciting mix of small specialist shops, exclusive boutiques and several large chains. You can stroll around the centre for hours, enjoying stressfree shopping in a pleasant environment. 17. Hembygdsparken & Upzone This park consists of a zoo, five museum buildings and a playground for the young. It also features the Upzone adventure park, an experience for all those who like to get active, push their boundaries and, above all, have great fun. 18. Vejby Vingård A small, charming, familyowned vineyard where you can experience the taste of Bjärehalvön in a wine glass! 19. Lillaro Café The hidden gem in the countryside. Lillaro is the perfect place for you to go for a coffee where it’s quiet and peaceful – really quiet and peaceful. 22. Birgit Nilsson Museum Visit Birgit Nilsson’s childhood home, which is now a museum. Moments from opera diva La Nilsson’s life are presented through private items, sound and images. There are memories that she herself shared, along with things that other people have recounted over the years. The museum also has a cafe. 21. Butikerna på Gården The shop Tant Grön is full to the brim with delicacies such as cheeses, olive oils, marmalades, pasta, chocolate and plenty more items that make life a delight. Elin & Arvid is a rural lifestyle store, with attractive clothing and stylish interiors items. 23. Norrvikens Trädgårdar Norrviken is a green oasis with marvellous views of Laholmsbukten bay. There, you can see seven gardens in different styles. Villa Abelin is home to the Orangeriet restaurant and café Salamander. The atmosphere at Norrviken is romantic and there’s a magical feeling in the place. Photography: Vejby Vingård Photography: Lisbeth Holmåker Photography: Bradley Wells Worth a detour. The highlight is a short distance from the path. You will find more highlights at kattegattleden.se