Upplev Kattegattleden 2022 EN

26. Skottorps Slott Sweden’s bestpreserved Empirestyle palace is around 5 km from the path. Today, the castle is a private residence. In Stora Stenstallet you will find Sweden’s most beautiful dairy, which makes cheese including cheddar. 29. Påarps gravfält Påarps burial ground, which is located along Laholmsbukten, is Halland’s biggest burial ground, with over 200 mounds and 50 stone settings. The largest mound, Sänke Hög, is 30 metres in diameter and two metres tall. Findings date the site to the Early Iron Age. 21 HIGHLIGHTS Båstad – Laholm – Halmstad 28. Lagaoset Lagaoset is where the River Lagan flows out into the sea. An exceptionally beautiful dune landscape with a wonderful view of the bay. Few nature experiences can surpass a summer evening here, when the sun sinks down into the sea and turns the sand, sky and water gold and red. 25. Båstad strand, hamn och kallbadhus A perfect place to stop for a refreshing dip at the openair baths or on the beach, depending on the temperature. There is also a wellappointed and charming guest harbour, with a wide range of restaurants and other activities. 27. 12 km sandstrand The long sandy beach is a bathing paradise perfect for families, with shallow water, wide beaches and protective dunes. Laholmsbukten bay is said to be one of Sweden’s best windsurfing locations. In the Hökafältet nature reserve there’s a service area with a cycle pump and an electric charging station. 24. Sveriges Tennismuseum In the middle of Båstad is Sweden’s only tennis museum. An exciting trip through 120 years of Swedish tennis history. If you want to visit Båstad Centre Court at the same time, it’s just a short walk away from the museum. Photography: Mikael von Porat Photography: Patrik Leonardsson Photography: Laholm Municipality Photography: visitlaholm.se Photography: visitlaholm.se 30. Vallgatan The narrow cobbled street of Vallgatan features several pleasant buildings and gives an impression of how things looked in the town in the 1500s. Here and there you can see the remains of the old rampart around Halmstad. With its history and ancient halftimbered buildings, Vallgatan is a Halmstad favourite! Photography: Destination Halmstad Worth a detour. The highlight is a short distance from the path. You will find more highlights at kattegattleden.se