Jabadabado-Play & Learn boxes 2024

FIRST PUZZLE STACKING TEDDY PULL WHALE WOODEN BOOK ANIMALS HOW TO PLAY HOW TO PLAY HOW TO PLAY HOW TO PLAY Learn the concept of object permanence by using this puzzle. It promotes hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem solving. Stacking teddy contains five colorful round stacking rings and a bear-shaped top. This toy promotes fine motor skills, concentration, attention span, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and problem-solving. The whale can be used both as a pull animal or as a little car. The toy has a cute whale shape and a handle that is easy for small hands to grip. Babies can exercise skills of hand move- ments and motor skills with this interesting toy. Baby’s first book in wood with eight pages decorated with animal motifs. The wooden book is easy for baby to grip, and each page is easy to flip for small hands. While playing with this puzzle the baby promotes motor skills when they grip the knob. It is also a good toy to use for the daily neck strengthening exercise during tummy time training. Foster your baby’s creativity and logical thinking as they freely stack the various rings in different orders. With this toy, your baby can develop essential skills such as counting, discerning various colors and sizes, and honing their motor skills. Addi- tionally, the incorporation of a stacking teddy at the pinnacle encourages innovative thinking and problem-solving. The pull whale is unique and fun! Babies can grip the handle to exercise hand movements and push the whale over the surface to observe the whale moving to promote skills of observation. Place the book within appropriate distance, where babies can both see and touch it. Guide the baby to flip pages and explore freely. Talk about the names and sounds of the animals and tell different stories for each page which will stimulate baby’s visual and auditory abilities.