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JABADABADO – SWEDISH DESIGN PLAY & LEARN WITH JABADABADO WITH SUSTAINABILITY AS A DRIVING FORCE THE PERFECT GIFT 30 years ago, the foundation was laid for what is now the Swedish toy company Jabadabado. Our passion lies in crafting one-of-a-kind, enjoyable, and, most importantly, educational toys that seamlessly integrate into the daily lives of families across the world. All our designs originate from our headquarters in Landskrona, Sweden. Committed to sustainability, our toys are produced in natural materials such as wood, combined with timeless Scandinavian design with a stylish and elegant color scheme. Inspired by functionality over time, our products not only appeal visually but also include educational elements. We know how important play is in a child’s social, cognitive, and physical development, and this is always the starting point in our designs. Therefore, we are extra proud to present this brand-new concept of Play & Learn boxes. Each box is age-appropriate and contains several toys specially designed for children of each specific age. The choice of each toy is based on the latest research in children’s development. Every box includes a description of each toy and what skills the child will practice while playing as well as advice for how to play in an enriching and fun way. We invite you to a journey of joyous play and valuable learning moments with our Play & Learn boxes. Our driving force is to create sustainable toys that last for generations. A wooden toy can age and follow your family through all stages of life. It is also important to us that the people who make our products have a fair and safe working environment. The manufacturer of our Play & Learn boxes is a member of Amfori BSCI, a global membership organization that promotes improvements in ethical and responsible business practices. The factory undergoes routine audits in accordance with BSCI and they have also signed our Code of Conduct to ensure that they meet our high social sustainability standards. Finding the right gift for a young child of a specific age can be a challenge. We know that toys are often a gift and therefore we want to make it both easy and fun to give something that is perfectly suited to the child. With our Play & Learn boxes, you can rest assured that your gift will be both appreciated and used, just as you want it to be. Welcome to explore our magical world!

BALL DROP BOX HOW TO PLAY The box helps babies to develop hand-eye coordination and experience object permanence. It also promotes refined hand movements and encurages curiosity from baby’s early age. Through observation, cultivate baby’s concentration, analyze the difference of objects to exercise thinking ability. By seeing the ball disappear into the hole and then roll out of the box, babies will start to understand object permanence. 6-12 MONTHS 5 TOYS This box contains five thoroughly selected toys designed to offer the baby an exciting journey through play and development. Each toy has a clear purpose to enable a baby aged 6-12 months to develop their motor skills and stimulate their cognitive abilities. Let the play begin. T294 PLAY & LEARN BOX 6-12 MONTHS

FIRST PUZZLE STACKING TEDDY PULL WHALE WOODEN BOOK ANIMALS HOW TO PLAY HOW TO PLAY HOW TO PLAY HOW TO PLAY Learn the concept of object permanence by using this puzzle. It promotes hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem solving. Stacking teddy contains five colorful round stacking rings and a bear-shaped top. This toy promotes fine motor skills, concentration, attention span, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and problem-solving. The whale can be used both as a pull animal or as a little car. The toy has a cute whale shape and a handle that is easy for small hands to grip. Babies can exercise skills of hand move- ments and motor skills with this interesting toy. Baby’s first book in wood with eight pages decorated with animal motifs. The wooden book is easy for baby to grip, and each page is easy to flip for small hands. While playing with this puzzle the baby promotes motor skills when they grip the knob. It is also a good toy to use for the daily neck strengthening exercise during tummy time training. Foster your baby’s creativity and logical thinking as they freely stack the various rings in different orders. With this toy, your baby can develop essential skills such as counting, discerning various colors and sizes, and honing their motor skills. Addi- tionally, the incorporation of a stacking teddy at the pinnacle encourages innovative thinking and problem-solving. The pull whale is unique and fun! Babies can grip the handle to exercise hand movements and push the whale over the surface to observe the whale moving to promote skills of observation. Place the book within appropriate distance, where babies can both see and touch it. Guide the baby to flip pages and explore freely. Talk about the names and sounds of the animals and tell different stories for each page which will stimulate baby’s visual and auditory abilities.

This box contains four carefully selected toys designed to offer the toddler an exciting journey through play and development. Each toy has a clear purpose to enable a toddler aged 12-18 months to develop their motor skills and stimulate their cognitive abilities. Guaranteed to provide many hours of wonderful play experiences. 12-18 MONTHS 4 TOYS T295 PLAY & LEARN BOX 12-18 MONTHS

STACKING CUBES 3 IN 1 EDUCATIONAL BOX SHAPE PUZZLE HAMMER PEG HOW TO PLAY HOW TO PLAY HOW TO PLAY HOW TO PLAY This is a fun stacking and nesting cube game. Guide the toddler in learning how to balance objects to keep the tower upright. These cubes also help children practice hand-eye coordination. It also introduces children to early numeracy skills such as size, height, comparison, order and more. This educational box helps children to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, color recognition, critical thinking, problem solving skills and concentration. The colorful geometric design helps children to recognize different shapes and colors. Promotes both fine motor skills and matching skills, while training hand-eye coordination and visual perception. The large wooden knobs are easy to grip for small hands. Toddlers are so attracted to this classic toy that they can hammer on. This toy promotes color recognition, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and creative play. Stacking toys have lots of educational value. Children can stack the five cubes into a tall tower. Stack and nest simultaneously to learn about size, weight, numbers, counting, colors, and animals. Adult supervision and enjoyment of the child’s interaction with this toy is recommended. This toy has three different opportunities to explore sorting and matching. Each included wooden board has different sized holes for the toddler to fit either the coins, matchsticks, or different shaped cubes into the right hole. This shape puzzle includes square, circle, and triangle. Puzzle with the child and put the right piece at the right place. It helps toddlers to learn the difference of colors and shapes. The reversible and sturdy wooden frame, six colorful pegs, and the hammer encourage the toddler to pound the pegs into the bench, then turn it over and repeat again and again. Hours of fun guaranteed.

This box contains four carefully selected toys designed to offer the child an exciting journey through play and development. Each toy has a clear purpose to enable a child aged 18-24 months to develop their motor skills and stimulate their cognitive abilities. A perfect gift that will bring lots of joy and laughter. 18-24 MONTHS 4 TOYS T293 PLAY & LEARN BOX 18-24 MONTHS

LACING BEADS 3 IN 1 ACTIVITY TRIANGLE JIGSAW PUZZLE PULL ELEPHANT HOW TO PLAY HOW TO PLAY HOW TO PLAY HOW TO PLAY Lacing beads help kids develop fine motor skills, finger dexterity and hand-eye coordination. It’s designed for children to identify shapes and colors. Beads with large size allow kids to string easily, which promotes creativity and artistic skills as well. The activity triangle offers several possibilities to play and explore while promoting skills of shape recognition, problem solving, logical thinking and hand-eye coordination. The toy is equipped with gears decorated with cute flowers, moving insects, and a sorting function with three blocks in different shapes. Double-sided puzzle with different theme on each side. One side is color puzzle, the other side is a bunny puzzle. For color puzzle, kids can do it freely with their imagination and creativity. For bunny puzzle, it will be a challenge to work out the correct pattern. The pull animal helps children practice coordination and balance when they start walking. Designed as a cute elephant which can also be used as a role-play toy. Let the child put one bead at the time on the string. The wooden part attached to the string makes it easier to string independently. Let the child create different patterns of colors and shapes. Stringing the beads with imagination and creativity will be a lot of fun. Let children play with the gear game to experience the magic linkage effect. Move insects blocks and help little insects find the way home in the maze, the play can promote logical thinking and hand-eye coordination. The sorting function includes three blocks in cute shapes with varying degree of difficulty. The colored side encourage kids to puzzle freely with different combinations of color and promote the skills of active thinking. The bunny side, encourage children to build the correct pattern and promotes logical thinking. Pull the elephant in front of the child to encourage them to crawl and chase. When the child learn to walk, they can bring the elephant on exploratory walks.

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