Jabadabado-Play & Learn boxes 2024

STACKING CUBES 3 IN 1 EDUCATIONAL BOX SHAPE PUZZLE HAMMER PEG HOW TO PLAY HOW TO PLAY HOW TO PLAY HOW TO PLAY This is a fun stacking and nesting cube game. Guide the toddler in learning how to balance objects to keep the tower upright. These cubes also help children practice hand-eye coordination. It also introduces children to early numeracy skills such as size, height, comparison, order and more. This educational box helps children to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, color recognition, critical thinking, problem solving skills and concentration. The colorful geometric design helps children to recognize different shapes and colors. Promotes both fine motor skills and matching skills, while training hand-eye coordination and visual perception. The large wooden knobs are easy to grip for small hands. Toddlers are so attracted to this classic toy that they can hammer on. This toy promotes color recognition, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and creative play. Stacking toys have lots of educational value. Children can stack the five cubes into a tall tower. Stack and nest simultaneously to learn about size, weight, numbers, counting, colors, and animals. Adult supervision and enjoyment of the child’s interaction with this toy is recommended. This toy has three different opportunities to explore sorting and matching. Each included wooden board has different sized holes for the toddler to fit either the coins, matchsticks, or different shaped cubes into the right hole. This shape puzzle includes square, circle, and triangle. Puzzle with the child and put the right piece at the right place. It helps toddlers to learn the difference of colors and shapes. The reversible and sturdy wooden frame, six colorful pegs, and the hammer encourage the toddler to pound the pegs into the bench, then turn it over and repeat again and again. Hours of fun guaranteed.