13 COLOUR PUZZLE A tricky colour puzzle where both colour and shape must be matched to solve the challenge. Children can create their own patterns with the blocks or choose to follow the included instructions for a specific pattern. Playing with the colour puzzle promotes problem solving, fine motor skills, and logical thinking. BALLOON GAME A fun balloon game for 2-4 players. Each player is given a game card, to fill with balloons of the correct colour. The first player to complete their game card with balloons wins. Playing together is a fun way for children to practice colours while learning about taking turns and logical thinking. COLOUR PADDLES Transparent paddles in six colours to help demonstrate the principles of colour mixing. Children can use these paddles indoors and outdoors to develop colour recognition. Placing the paddles on top of each other creates new secondary colours. LOGIC GAME A logic game where the child must practice both colour and shape to solve the challenge. With different coloured blocks and corresponding holes on the wooden base, kids are encouraged to match the shape to the block base one at a time. The toy promotes spatial awareness, fine motors skills and problem solving.