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WE ARE JABADABADO Our inspiration and driving force are the smiles, laughs, and moments of joy created when children use our products. We are not just a brand, we are a passionate business striving to make children’s worlds more colourful and filled with adventure and play. We are a Swedish design firm that creates, manufactures, and sells wooden toys, baby items and interior design for children’s rooms. Our brand combines Scandinavian design with a stylish colour scheme and sustainable materials. With a history spanning over 30 years, we proudly claim expertise in our field. We believe that children deserve the best, not only in terms of toys and products, but also in terms of a world that is safe, sustainable, and full of creativity. That is why every Jabadabado product is carefully designed and made with love and care. We use sustainable materials like wood and cotton so that our products can be cherished, passed down, and enjoyed for generations. Welcome to Jabadabado - together we are building a brighter future. Explore create andplay withus

2 T296 BIRTHDAY TRAIN LOCOMOTIVE with number balloons 0-9. Each decoration : Ø14cm L100 CANDLES 12pcs. 11cm NEW

3 T297 BIRTHDAY TRAIN SWAN with number balloons 0-9. Each decoration : Ø14cm happy birthday Happy birthday! Let these birthday decorations become a recurring tradition at your birthday parties or on the breakfast tray on birthday morning. The products feature unique designs and beautiful details. Choose from complete birthday trains that include 5 candle sticks, or separate candle sticks that can be completed with number balloons that are sold separately. NEW


5 A3216 FLAGLINE HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLOURS 18pcs. Each flag: 11x20cm. Total L:3,5m T271 CANDLESTICK COLOURS with numbers 0-9. L63cm T265 CANDLESTICK BLUE with numbers 0-9. L63cm T266 CANDLESTICK PINK with numbers 0-9. L63cm A3217 FLAGLINE HAPPY BIRTHDAY PINK 18pcs. Each flag: 11x20cm. Total L:3,5m A3218 FLAGLINE HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLUE 18pcs. Each flag: 11x20cm. Total L:3,5m

6 BALL DROP BOX The ball drop box helps babies to develop hand-eye coordination and experience object permanence. It also promotes refined hand movements and encurages curiosity from baby’s early age. 6-12 MONTHS 5 TOYS This box contains five thoroughly selected toys designed to offer the baby an exciting journey through play and development. Each toy has a clear purpose to enable a baby aged 6-12 months to develop their motor skills and stimulate their cognitive abilities. Let the play begin. T294 PLAY & LEARN BOX 6-12 MONTHS NEW Play and learn

7 FIRST PUZZLE Learn the concept of object permanence by using this puzzle. It promotes hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and problem solving. PULL WHALE The whale can be used both as a pull animal or as a little car. The toy has a cute whale shape and a handle that is easy for small hands to grip. Babies can exercise skills of hand movements and motor skills with this interesting toy. STACKING TEDDY Stacking teddy contains five colourful round stacking rings and a bear-shaped top. This toy promotes fine motor skills, concentration, attention span, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness and problem-solving. WOODEN BOOK ANIMALS Baby’s first book in wood with eight pages decorated with animal motifs. The wooden book is easy for baby to grip, and each page is easy to flip for small hands.

8 12-18 MONTHS 4 TOYS T295 PLAY & LEARN BOX 12-18 MONTHS NEW This box contains four carefully selected toys designed to offer the toddler an exciting journey through play and development. Each toy has a clear purpose to enable a toddler aged 12-18 months to develop their motor skills and stimulate their cognitive abilities. Guaranteed to provide many hours of wonderful play experiences. Play and learn

9 STACKING CUBES This is a fun stacking and nesting cube game. Guide the toddler in learning how to balance objects to keep the tower upright. These cubes also help children practice hand-eye coordination. It also introduces children to early numeracy skills such as size, height, comparison, order and more. 3 IN 1 EDUCATIONAL BOX This educational box helps children to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, colour recognition, critical thinking, problem solving skills and concentration. SHAPE PUZZLE The colourful geometric design helps children to recognize different shapes and colours. Promotes both fine motor skills and matching skills, while training hand-eye coordination and visual perception. The large wooden knobs are easy to grip for small hands. HAMMER PEG Toddlers are so attracted to this classic toy that they can hammer on. This toy promotes colour recognition, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and creative play.

10 This box contains four carefully selected toys designed to offer the child an exciting journey through play and development. Each toy has a clear purpose to enable a child aged 18-24 months to develop their motor skills and stimulate their cognitive abilities. A perfect gift that will bring lots of joy and laughter. 18-24 MONTHS 4 TOYS T293 PLAY & LEARN BOX 18-24 MONTHS NEW Play and learn

11 LACING BEADS Lacing beads help kids develop fine motor skills, finger dexterity and hand-eye coordination. It’s designed for children to identify shapes and colours. Beads with large size allow kids to string easily, which promotes creativity and artistic skills as well. 3 IN 1 ACTIVITY TRIANGLE The activity triangle offers several possibilities to play and explore while promoting skills of shape recognition, problem solving, logical thinking and hand-eye coordination. The toy is equipped with gears decorated with cute flowers, moving insects, and a sorting function with three blocks in different shapes. JIGSAW PUZZLE Double-sided puzzle with different theme on each side. One side is a colour puzzle, the other side is a bunny puzzle. For colour puzzle, kids can do it freely with their imagination and creativity. For bunny puzzle, it will be a challenge to work out the correct pattern. PULL ELEPHANT The pull animal helps children practice coordination and balance when they start walking. Designed as a cute elephant which can also be used as a role-play toy.

12 T305 PLAY & LEARN COLOURS 3+ This box focus on colours and includes four carefully selected toys designed to offer the child an exciting journey through play and development. Each toy has a clear purpose to enable a child aged 3+ to learn and understand colours. A perfect gift that will bring lots of joy and laughter. 4 TOYS COLOUR Play and learn NEW

13 COLOUR PUZZLE A tricky colour puzzle where both colour and shape must be matched to solve the challenge. Children can create their own patterns with the blocks or choose to follow the included instructions for a specific pattern. Playing with the colour puzzle promotes problem solving, fine motor skills, and logical thinking. BALLOON GAME A fun balloon game for 2-4 players. Each player is given a game card, to fill with balloons of the correct colour. The first player to complete their game card with balloons wins. Playing together is a fun way for children to practice colours while learning about taking turns and logical thinking. COLOUR PADDLES Transparent paddles in six colours to help demonstrate the principles of colour mixing. Children can use these paddles indoors and outdoors to develop colour recognition. Placing the paddles on top of each other creates new secondary colours. LOGIC GAME A logic game where the child must practice both colour and shape to solve the challenge. With different coloured blocks and corresponding holes on the wooden base, kids are encouraged to match the shape to the block base one at a time. The toy promotes spatial awareness, fine motors skills and problem solving.

14 RETRO CARS These four retro cars are made of wood with sturdy wheels to roll quickly on any surface. Choose whether to buy them separately or together as a set, which will be an appreciated gift for any car crazy kid. Also makes a great decoration in the children’s room. Which one will be your favourite? cars Vroom Vroom Vroom MY FIRST CARS These cute little cars come in a practical textile bag and are the perfect companion during long travel days. Simply a must for all car-crazy kids! Includes eight popular vehicles such as fire truck, tractor, bus, and a truck.

15 W7214 MY FIRST CARS COLOR 8 wooden cars in a cotton bag. 1+ W7247 MY FIRST CARS NATURE 8 wooden cars in a cotton bag. 1+ C2551 RETRO BUS BROWN 14,5x4,5x7cm 1+ C2552 RETRO FAMILY CAR GREEN 14,5x4,5x7cm 1+ C2554 RETRO SPORTS CAR BLUE 14,5x4,5x6cm 1+ C2553 RETRO CAR BEIGE 13x4,5x6cm 1+ C2560 RETRO CARS GIFT SET 4 cars in a gift set NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW

16 wooden toys C2550 MAGIC BALL NATURE 17x17x17cm 1+ W7245 ABACUS NATURE 227x6x29m 2+ NEW NEW Let us introduce our new and extended Nature line! Several bestselling items are included in the concept, and most items are made of FSC™ certified wood and designed with soft natural colours. Perfect as both toys and as cute decorations in the children’s room. Nature line

17 C2548 ABACUS TEDDY NATURE 13x6x15cm 1+ C2549 PULL PUPPY 25x6,5x85cm +1 W7244 STACKING TEDDY NATURE 18x10cm 1+ C2537 STACKING AND SORTING CUBES NATURE in paper and wood. Total H:48cm 18m+ C2559 ACTIVITY WAGON NATURE 30x34x48m 1+ W7223 STACKING RAINBOW 25x13x5cm 18m+ W7224 PULL AND STACKING SNAIL 22x12x5cm 18m+ W7246 CAR ROLLER NATURE 29x10x24cm 18m+ NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW

18 T302 PUZZLE TEDDY 29x21cm 18m+ C2517 HAMMER PEG TEDDY 22x13x11cm 18m+ C2521 TRAIN WITH BLOCKS TEDDY 35x7x11cm 18m+ W7196 BUILDING BLOCKS TEDDY 49pcs 2+ W7184 CAR ROLLER TEDDY 25x10x25cm 18m+ NEW wooden toys This is Teddy who has been part of Jabadabado since 2020. With timeless designs and soft pastel colours, our Teddy line has been a success from the start. We understand why: who doesn’t love teddy bears? Teddy line

19 C2532 ABACUS TEDDY 13x6x15cm 1+ C2520 XYLOPHONE TEDDY 20x14x3cm 18m+ W7195 STACKING TOY TEDDY 18x10cm 1+ C2518 SORTER BOX TEDDY 14x13x10,5cm 18m+ C2519 TOOL BOX TEDDY 22x14x11cm 3+

20 C2533 STACKING CUBES BUNNY in paper and wood. Total H:48cm 18m+ C2531 ABACUS BUNNY 13x6x17cm 1+ C2512 MAGIC BALL 17x17x17cm 1+ C2535 HAMMER PEG BUNNY 22x11x12cm 18m+ C2534 SORTER BOX BUNNY 14x13x12cm 18m+ W7215 STACKING TOY BUNNY 20x10cm 1+ wooden toys After the success with Teddy line, we created a wonderful little bunny which has been featured in more and more items. Our Bunny line has become an important and beloved concept at Jabadabado, and over time Bunny has decorated many of our toys, interior designs and baby products. Bunny line

21 T270 PUZZLE UNICORN 29x21cm 18m+ C2538 TOOL BOX BUNNY 21x12x15cm 3+ C2536 XYLOPHONE BUNNY 22x14x3cm 18m+ Hi Bunny

22 S1005 BABY WALKER TEDDY 45x31x42cm 9m+ S1006 BABY WALKER BUNNY 45x31x42cm 9m+ These baby walkers are accompanied by our cute buddies named Teddy and Bunny (included). Together with the walkers they make the sweetest gifts and are the perfect companions when you take your first steps! Both rear wheels have adjustable breaks and when you remove the lid on the walker you will find a smart built-in storage. baby walkers Built in storage with removable lid Wheels have rubber rings to roll safely on all surfaces Adjustable breaks Teddy and Bunny are included

23 Choose from three different activity wagons in different colours and designs. They are perfect for supporting your child when they start walking and offer a variety of fun activity toys. There’s smart storage at the back. activity wagons W7208 ACTIVITY WAGON BUNNY 30x34x48cm 1+ W7176 ACTIVITY WAGON TEDDY 30x34x48cm 1+ C2559 ACTIVITY WAGON NATURE 30x34x48cm 1+ Wheels have rubber rings to roll safely on all surfaces Educational activity toys to play with along the way Fun sorting function with 4 different blocks

24 rocking horses Our two new rocking animals are sturdy and robust so that even the smallest rider can use them. The horse has a textile mane and both the elephant and the horse are fitted with anti-tippers. W7248 ROCKING HORSE Seatheight 31cm. L70cm 18m+ NEW W7249 ROCKING ELEPHANT Seatheight 31cm. L70cm 18m+ NEW

25 Racing has never been more fun Wrench, screw- driver, screws, hammer and much more included Cool tool box including everything a small carpenter need W7154 CAR ROLLER SILVER 29x10x29cm 18m+ W7157 STACKING TOY SILVER 18x10cm 1+ C2530 ABACUS ELEPHANT 17x6x17cm 1+ W7194 TOOL BOX SILVER 23x12x16cm 2+ wooden toys Classic toys in a classic design, that’s what our silver line stands for. We hope you’ll find a new favourite among them. Silver line Whizz down the four ramps Four cars included

26 OUR PROMISE SUSTAINABILITY ETHICAL STANDARDS SAFETY When you purchase from us, rest assured you’re receiving a well-designed product made from carefully selected materials that meet rigorous safety requirements. Sustainability is important to us, and it permeates all our activities and work. While no one can do everything, we know that as a company we can do a lot. Here are some of our initiatives for a more sustainable world: Since many of our suppliers have been with us since the start of Jabadabado, we have a close bond and excellent working relationships with them. Most of our suppliers belong to SEDEX, a global membership organization that promotes improvements in ethical and responsible business conduct. Our factories undergo routine audits in accordance with reputable programs like BSCI and SEDEX to assure good working conditions. Nothing is more important than safety when working with children. With 30 years of experience, we have gained significant expertise within the field. All our products are tested and evaluated according to the strictest regulations, and CE marked as proof of our high standards. All our toys meet the requirements of EN71-1, 2, and 3. In addition, we can assure that all our products are free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates. We reduce transport-related emissions by regularly conducting digital meetings with our suppliers to minimize long trips. We continuously reduce the amount of plastic in all our packaging. We recycle all waste from both our office and warehouse. We engage in social projects to create meaningful activities for those outside the labor market. We continuously expand our range of FSC™ certified products. We drive hybrid or electric cars.

28 Dino world Roar! Do you dare to explore the land of the dinosaurs? This brand new concept of dinosaurs includes a complete dino world, a puzzle and several push and pull dinos. T304 PUZZLE DINOSAUR 29x21cm 18m+ NEW Roar!

29 I’m happy I’m mischievous W7252 DINO WORLD 2 cars, 6 animals, 2 trees, sea puzzle in 3 pieces and 12 roads in a box. 2+ C2557 PUSH DINO 19x5,5x16cm +1 C2558 ABACUS DINO 21x5,5x13cm +1 NEW NEW NEW I’m curious C2556 PULL DINO with string 17,5x5,5x23cm +1 NEW

30 W7230 PARKING GARAGE 68x50x38cm 2+ Jaba world All our products within the Jabaworld concept can be assembled and combined in many ways. Let your creativity guide you in building your own imaginative Jabaworld. Manually operated lift takes the cars to all parking levels Fun racing ramp where 2 cars can race side by side Wash your dirty car 1 x helicopter and 3 x cars included Refuel your car at the gas pump

31 W7231 CAR TRACK 5 vehicles and 18 roads 2+ Jaba world CAR TRACK Toot toot, here come the cars! The five included cars are ready to accelerate to see who will be the first around the car track. The road has tracks on both sides so you can build it in different ways, let your creativity decide.

32 W7233 TRAIN SET RESCUE 31 pcs 2+ W7232 TRAIN SET FARM 39 pcs 2+ Jaba world FARM SET Come along to the farm! This classic wooden rail track is a complete farm with animals. Place the three houses along the rail; a windshelter, a doghouse, and a farmhouse that the tractors can drive through. Along the rail, the animals graze in their paddock under the shade of the trees. It is a lovely day at the farm! RESCUE SET Time to fight the fire! Classic wooden train rail with rescue vehicles featuring both a fire station, a prison, and police station that the cars can drive through. This set is packed with rescue vehicles including a helicopter, a fire truck, a police car, and much more. Let’s go chase some thieves!

33 W7143 CAR RACING 3 cars, 1 goal and 12 roads in a box. 2+ W7180 GO ON SAFARI 3 cars, 9 animals and 12 roads in a box. 2+ CAR RACING / GO ON SAFARI / DINO WORLD Car racing, Go on safari and Dino world all come in nice wooden boxes that are easy to pack and bring on new adventures. Choose whether you prefer a day on safari, a day at the race track, or a day exploring the land of dinosaurs. Which one is your favourite? W7252 DINO WORLD 2 cars, 6 animals, 2 trees, sea puzzle in 3 pieces and 12 roads in a box. 2+ NEW

34 Who can build the tallest? Stacking, building and sorting is something most children love to explore. We offer several different stackable cubes, both with and without figures included. C2537 STACKING AND SORTING CUBES NATURE in paper and wood. Total H:48cm 18m+ C2504 STACKING CUBES ANIMALS in paper and wood. Total H:48cm 18m+ C2522 STACKING CUBES VEHICLES in paper and wood. Total H:63cm 18m+ C2523 STACKING CUBES FOREST in paper and wood. Total H:90cm 1+ C2533 STACKING CUBES BUNNY in paper and wood. Total H:48cm 18m+ stacking cubes Sorting function with 5 wooden blocks included 5 cubes of different sizes Cute characters on one side, and number 1-5 on another

35 W7209 FIRE ENGINE 29x11x15cm 18m+ W7210 CRANE WITH MAGNET 33x10x21cm 18m+ W7220 SPORTS CAR TRAILER 32x8x12cm 18m+ W7171 JEEP SAFARI 34x9x10cm 18m+ W7170 HORSE TRAILER 28x8x12cm 18m+ W7151 FARM TRACTOR 35x8x11cm 18m+ trailers with fun Fire hose that can be rolled out Siren on the roof Ladder that can be turned in different directions Cool fire engine with two firefighter teddies included

36 C2547 FISHING MEMO 30x23cm 18m+ C2542 BALANCING WHALE 21x9,5x2,5cm 3+ C2545 SONG BAG 30x23cm 18m+ Lets go fishing! Fishing memo is a classic memo game where you have to catch pairs of fish of the same colour. The most pairs of matching fish wins! fishing NEW

37 C2544 LUDO 30x30x1cm 3+ C2539 TRAVEL BAG 20x15cm 3+ C2543 PUZZLE CLOCK with movable numbers Ø30cm 3+ W7197 ABACUS 27x29x7,5cm 2+ W7245 ABACUS NATURE 27x29x7,5cm 2+ puzzle and games H14053 HOBBY UNICORN H14052 HOBBY HORSE L97cm 3+ Children love to play different games and it is a great activity for adults and children to do together. Playing games also trains many cognitive skills while having fun together. NEW

38 T278 PUZZLE FOREST 29x21cm 18m+ T287 3D PUZZLE CORAL 22x17x1,5cm 18m+ C2523 STACKING CUBES FOREST in paper. Total H:90cm 1+ A3223 MEMO GAME FOREST Box:21x15x3,5cm 3+ A3224 NUMBER MEMO SEA Box:21x15x3,5cm 3+ C2524 BEAD COASTER FOREST in wood. 15x21cm 1+ W7201 BUILDING BLOCKS FOREST 50pcs 2+ puzzle and games

39 T270 PUZZLE UNICORN 29x21cm 18m+ T302 PUZZLE TEDDY 29x21cm 18m+ T301 PUZZLE SAFARI 29x21cm 18m+ T304 PUZZLE DINOSAUR 29x21cm 18m+ T279 PUZZLE FARM 21x29cm 18m+ T286 3D PUZZLE SAFARI 22x17x1,5cm 18m+ C2513 PULL CROCODILE 24x6x5cm 1+ NEW NEW NEW

40 M14082 CLUSTER BELLS BLUE M14081 CLUSTER BELLS PINK 12cm 3+ M14084 RECORDER BLUE M14083 RECORDER PINK 31cm 3+ M14090 HARMONICA PINK M14092 HARMONICA SILVER M14091 HARMONICA BLUE 13cm 3+ M14094 MARACCAS BLUE M14095 MARACCAS SILVER M14093 MARACCAS PINK 16cm 18m+ music Hey you little pop star! Here’s everything you need to start your very own band! It’s sure to be groovy!

41 M14099 GUITAR BLUE 55cm 3+ M14100 GUITAR SILVER 55cm 3+ M14098 GUITAR PINK 55cm 3+ M14096 TAMBOURINE DRUM PINK Ø15cm 3+ M14087 DRUM PINK Ø20cm 3+ M14086 XYLOPHONE BLUE 29x13cm 3+ M14085 XYLOPHONE PINK 29x13cm 3+

42 bags with fun W7238 DOCTOR’S BAG PINK 20x14x7cm 18m+ W7239 DOCTOR’S BAG SILVER 20x14x7cm 18m+ Doctor’s bag Every child loves to play doctor. Our popular doctor bags are now approved from 18 months, hooray! The bags contain everything you need to take care of family members or stuffed animals that have gotten sick.

43 W7237 VET BAG 20x14x7cm 18m+ NEW Comes in a handy vet bag Cute vet cap 7 pieces included

44 C2555 WORKBENCH 55x30x78cm 3+ tools Workbench and belts Complete workbench filled with everything a small carpenter might need, such as a vice, drill, tools and smart storage. Let your creativity run wild! NEW

45 W7243 TOOL BELT L60cm 18m+ W7194 TOOL BOX SILVER 23x12x16cm 2+ C2519 TOOL BOX TEDDY 22x14x11cm 3+ C2538 TOOL BOX TEDDY 21x12x15cm 3+

46 Maximised beauty salon with extra everything! How about no less than 25 accessories to fix both hair and make-up on customers. Let your customers sit down in front of the mirror and let the magic begin. beauty & fun W7234 BEAUTY SALON 29x46x78cm 3+

47 Welcome to the beauty salon. Here you will find everything a small hairdresser and make-up artist might need to get the job done. So go ahead and let your customers enjoy a luxurious moment with you. beauty & fun W7242 BEAUTY BELT L60cm 18m+ W7241 HAIR DRESSER BELT L60cm 18m+ W7144 MAKE UP BAG 19x13cm 3+ W7179 VANITY MIRROR 29x13x40cm 3+ W7222 BARBER BAG 19x13cm 3+

48 my cute doll W7229 DOLL CHAIR 17x21x30cm 3+ W7228 DOLL CRADLE 37,5x24x30cm 18m+ Little Astrid is waiting to meet you! Then you can take her for a ride in the wagon, offer her a treat while she sits in the chair, and then it’s time for a nap in the cradle. All Astrid’s furniture and her doll wagon are made of cream coloured wood with trendy rattan like details.

49 SAY HELLO TO ASTRID! She is made of soft organic cotton and is ready to become your first best friend. S1007 DOLL ASTRID 30cm 0+ W7227 DOLL WAGON 42,5x26x47cm 18m+ W7191 DOG IN BAG 22x16cm 3+ W7204 BABY BAG BUNNY 19x13cm 3+

50 FSC™ & JABADABADO At Jabadabado we make toys from FSC™-certified (FSC™C194598) wood, and we are continuously expanding our range of items. FSC™ stands for Forest Stewardship Council™, an international member organization that works to ensure that the world’s forests are managed in a responsible and sustainable manner. The rules for trading in FSC™ certified wood are very strict and we undergo an annual audit to ensure that we meet all the requirements for selling FSC™ certified products. We believe FSC™ is important since it focus on environmental concerns, assures sustainable forestry, and assures ethical and social responsibility for those involved in forestry and production. In summary, the use of FSC™ certified wood in our toys can be seen as a step towards reducing negative environmental and social impacts, while meeting the increasing need for sustainable and responsible product choices. At Jabadabado, we believe this is both good and necessary! In the catalogue you can find all our FSC™ certified products by looking for this logo:

52 W7253 KITCHEN GREEN with pot and pan set 56x32x78cm 3+ kitchens No less than two new kitchens are being launched, but hurry up, because one is a limited edition! Each kitchen includes both a pan and pot set and 3 x utensils. On the blackboard you can write the menu of the day. Chalk is included. NEW Limited edition!

53 W7251 KITCHEN CREAM with pot and pan set 56x32x78cm 3+ W7205 KITCHEN GREY with pot and pan set 56x32x78cm 3+ W7206 KITCHEN PINK with pot and pan set 56x32x78cm 3+ NEW

54 Pizza W7163 PIZZA Ø22 2+ T288 PIZZA OVEN 28x19x9cm 3+ NEW Maxed-out pizza oven with all the extras! Make your own pizza with 4 x pizza slices and 12 toppings to be attached with velcro. You can choose whether to follow the menu card with recipes or create a pizza of your own choice. There is also an included pizza slicer and a pizza box. Bon appetite!

55 play food W7189 PASTA 2+ W7188 PANCAKES 2+ W7221 STACKING BURGER 20x13x12cm 2+ C2540 TRAVEL FOOD TRAY 25x18cm 3+ Here you’ll find everything a little master chef could possibly need. Just find out whether your guests prefer pancakes, burgers or pasta before you start cooking for the day.

56 W7193 MARKET STAND 40x40x78cm 3+ play food This popular market stand really does have everything you can think of. 30 different accessories such as meat, fish, vegetables, and bread are waiting to be stuffed into the shopping bags. Since the market stand is equipped with wheels, you can easily roll it around to all the eager shoppers. Hour of fun guaranteed! Market stand for creative role play hour of fun guaranteed!

57 W7166 CASH REGISTER 25x16x16cm 3+ W7212 HEAD WAITER SET Hat and apron in one size. 3+ W7217 BBQ 13pcs. Basket: 29x21x14cm 3+ W7213 PICNIC IN PROVENCE 12pcs. Basket: 29x21x14cm 3+

58 G12023 TEA SET CHERRY in porcelain. 18pcs. Box: 34,5x23x10,5cm 3+ G12019 TEA SET SEAHORSE in tin. 15pcs. Bag: 29x20x9cm 3+ G12021 TEA SET TEDDY & BUNNY in tin. 15pcs. Bag: 29x20x9cm 3+ play food Let us present tea sets and kitchen sets for every need and mood. Whether it’s baking time in the toy kitchen or tea time for the cuddly toys, we have your needs covered. Tea sets & kitchen sets

59 G12024 PICNIC BASKET in tin. 19pcs. Basket: 21x13x9cm 3+ G12020 BAKERY SET 13pcs. Bag: 29x20x9cm 3+ G12022 KITCHEN SET in tin. 13pcs. Bag: 29x20x9cm 3+ NEW

60 T280 LEMON CAKE Ø18cm 2+ T306 AFTERNOON TEA LEMON 26x20cm 3+ T226 CAKE PLATE CLASSIC 16cm 3+ play food Classic afternoon tea set including a tray, two cups with saucers, two spoons, two slices of lemon, a teapot, a milk jug and a cake plate with two cookies. Perfect for hosting a little tea party. Cookies NEW

61 W7183 COFFEE MACHINE 14x12x17cm 2+ T257 AFTERNOON TEA 26x20cm 3+ T272 CAKE UNICORN Ø18cm 2+ C2527 CHEF CLOTHES Hat, Apron, Towel and Glove in one size. 2+ C2546 ROLLER 23cm 1+ T307 STACKABLE COOKIES 20x14x7cm 2+ NEW NEW

62 S1002 ICE CREAM RETRO 25x8cm 2+ W7216 BANANA SPLIT 21x16x6cm 2+ W7136 ICE CREAM SHOP 58x29x91cm 3+ W7112 ICE CREAM TROLLEY 31x18x40cm 3+ play food Who doesn’t love ice cream? There’s something for everyone! Visit the well-equipped ice cream shop or enjoy a retro inspired popsicle. Vanilla, chocolate or strawberry? We have all your needs covered!

63 W7161 FRUIT SALAD 2+ W7236 CUTTING FRUIT 20x14x7cm 2+ play food Who wants fruit salad? Prepare a yummy and healthy dessert or snack with these lovely wooden fruits. W7250 ICE CREAM TROLLEY STRIPES 28x19x42cm 3+ NEW

64 H13228 CHAIR TEDDY Seat height 26cm S1004 GROWTH CHART TEDDY & BUNNY L80cm. Measure the length between 75-155cm. A3222 STORAGE BOX TEDDY in cardboard. Large: Ø23cm H13cm A3220 STORAGE SUITCASE BEIGE in cardboard. Large: 35x25x11cm

65 W7226 CHAIR BUNNY Seat height 26cm furnitures and decorations R16048 SHELF BUNNY 46x60x9cm S1010 HANGER BUNNY 26x15cm A3219 STORAGE SUITCASE PINK in cardboard. Large: 35x25x11cm A3221 STORAGE BOX BUNNY in cardboard. Large: Ø23cm H13cm

66 S1004 GROWTH CHART ELEPHANT L80cm. Measure the length between 75-155cm. R16026 HOOKS STAR PINK R16025 HOOKS STAR BLUE R16016 HOOKS STAR GREY 3pcs/set 16cm. H13226 SHELF ELEPHANT 55x45x9cm R16044 HANGER ELEPHANT 17x18cm H13229 CHAIR ELEPHANT Seat height 26cm H13225 STEP STOOL GREY 32x27x20cm H13221 TABLE & 2 STOOLS Table: H42cm Ø59cm Stool: H26cm

67 W7225 STEP STOOL WHITE 34x32x20cm H13202 HOUSE SHELF 75x24x99cm H13200 STORAGE BENCH 46,5x33x55,5cm H13208 CLOTHES RAIL 65x35x116cm furnitures and decorations

68 storage With these storage baskets, keeping your child’s room tidy is a breeze. Toys, stuffed animals and small items are easily and neatly organised in these baskets that come in different sizes and colours. If you can’t choose, pick several! K017 STORAGE SMALL GREY 28x28x24cm K018 STORAGE SMALL PINK 28x28x24cm K033 STORAGE BASKET GREY 40x40cm K034 STORAGE BASKET GREY 40x40cm K021 STORAGE BASKET TEDDY 40x40cm K013 BED STORAGE WHITE 70x66x7cm K014 BED STORAGE BEIGE 70x66x7cm K016 STORAGE SMALL TEDDY 28x28x24cm K015 STORAGE SMALL BUNNY 28x28x24cm K022 STORAGE BASKET BUNNY 40x40cm

69 textiles Cushions with our cute characters Teddy and Bunny. Cuddly, cute and wonderful, both separately and together. K107 PILLOW BUNNY 25x25cm K108 PILLOW TEDDY 30x30cm K126 PLAYMAT TEDDY Ø80cm 0+ K127 PLAYMAT BUNNY Ø80cm 0+ NEW NEW


71 K044 CANOPY LIGHT GREY H320cm K043 CANOPY WHITE H320cm K038 CANOPY DUSTY PINK H320cm K032 TEXTILE BUNTING GREY 15pcs Each flag: 15x24cm Total L:4m Made from recycled material K111 TEXTILE BUNTING BEIGE & WHITE 15pcs Each flag: 15x24cm Total L:4m Made from recycled material K031 TEXTILE BUNTING PINK 15pcs Each flag: 15x24cm Total L:4m Made from recycled material textile canopies Classic bed canopies with generous amounts of fabric for an exclusive look. Made of 80% polyester and 20% cotton. H230cm. NEW

72 baby toys Our baby range is growing, and our little Bunny has turned green and made new playful friends like the cute carrot. The range is developed with playfulness and elegance in mind, and made from carefully selected materials such as soft muslin cotton. Choose from a wide range of hand rattles, musicals, pram hangers and baby gym figures. Perfect as gifts or for your own little family member. NEW



75 baby toys Hello little Bunny, you look adorable in pink! In this new pink range, you find many playful novelties that will entertain the baby for hours in a stylish, safe and durable way. NEW

76 S1018 FOLDABLE MOBILEARM IN PLASTIC. H45CM N0123 ELEPHANT 11cm 0+ N0178 KITTEN 20cm 0+ N0177 PUPPY 26cm 0+ N0137 TEDDY 17cm 0+ S1011 BUNNY WHITE 24cm 0+ K118 BUNNY PINK 24cm 0+ K121 BUNNY GREEN 24cm 0+ K199 APPLE 16cm 0+ K120 PEAR 17cm 0+ Musicals baby toys Choose from a wide range of playful musicals. All are made of 100% soft muslin cotton and play the cosy tune Brahm’s lullaby. Sweet dreams! NEW NEW NEW NEW

77 S1009 TEDDY & BUNNY N0153 PENGUIN N0094 ELEPHANT K113 BUNNY PINK K112 BUNNY GREEN Music mobiles baby toys These musical mobiles come complete with a mobile arm that can be attached to most changing tables and cribs. The figures spin slowly while the melody ”Brahms Lullaby” plays. A cosy way for babies to settle down. NEW NEW

78 N0157 BALL TEDDY & BUNNY Ø13cm 0+ S1017 BOOK TEDDY & FRIENDS 11x11cm 0+ S1016 PUPPY 15cm 0+ S1015 TEDDY 15cm 0+ S1020 BUNNY WHITE 15cm 0+ K117 BUNNY GREEN 15cm 0+ K115 BUNNY PINK 15cm 0+ K116 CARROT 15cm 0+ S1013 TEDDY 39x39cm 0+ S1014 BUNNY WHITE 39x39cm 0+ K114 BUNNY GREEN 39x39cm 0+ S1019 BUNNY PINK 39x39cm 0+ Cuddles & rattles baby toys Explore our wide range of cuddles and rattles that bring both joy and comfort to the little ones. Made in 100% soft muslin cotton. NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW

79 S1012 PRAM TOY TEDDY & BUNNY L45cm 0+ K123 PRAM TOY BUNNY GREEN L49cm 0+ K122 PRAM TOY BUNNY PINK L49cm 0+ Pram toys baby toys These pram toys with cute characters stimulate and entertain baby during walks. They are easily attached to the pram with the plastic rings, and thanks to the stretchy strap, they fit most pram models. NEW NEW

80 K126 PLAYMAT TEDDY Ø80cm 0+ K127 PLAYMAT BUNNY Ø80cm 0+ baby GYM toys Baby gyms are the perfect entertainment for babies. Our gym toys should be combined with our stylish wooden baby gyms. New this year are our cosy baby mats that can be placed under the baby gym to create a lovely and stimulating place for play and development. NEW NEW

81 K128 GYM TOY TEDDY & BUNNY with rattle and musical 0+ K125 GYM TOY BUNNY GREEN with rattle and musical 0+ K124 GYM TOY BUNNY PINK with rattle and musical 0+ N0152 GYM TOY PENGUIN with rattle and musical 0+ N0142 GYM TOY UNICORN & SWAN with rattle and musical 0+ NEW NEW T233 BABY GYM NATURE, T251 BABY GYM WHITE 61x48x54cm 0+ Hang the gym toys on the gym and it will keep your baby happy for hours!

82 T221 MOBILEARM WHITE S1001 MOBILEARM NATURE 60x32cm baby mobiles Combine a stylish wooden mobile with a mobile arm in your preferred colour. The arm attaches easily to most cribs and changing tables and makes a nice interior detail in the children’s room. With 2 different lengths of the screws to fit most cribs on the market.


84 baby gifts Our most exclusive baby gift comes in a lavish gift box and includes three thoroughly selected items to give baby a good start in life. S1021 BABY GIFT BUNNY BLANKET Box: 26,5x22x8cm 0+ S1022 BABY GIFT TEDDY BLANKET Box: 26,5x22x8cm 0+ BABY BLANKET The soft blanket is made in 100% muslin cotton and an essential for the new baby. Size 70x90cm. BABY TEXTILE RATTLE The adorable rattle in 100% soft muslin cotton is the perfect companion for the baby’s developmental journey. Size 15 cm. MUSICAL The cute musical will infuse bedtime with magic, turning each night or nap into an enchanting lullabyfilled adventure. Size 21 cm. Plays ”Brahms Lullaby”. NEW NEW


86 baby gifts This baby gift is filled with adorable products that will become essentials in the family. This pre-packaged gift, presented in an exclusive gift box, is perfect for welcoming a new little life into the world. S1023 BABY GIFT BUNNY CUDDLE Box: 224,5x20x7,5cm 0+ S1024 BABY GIFT TEDDY CUDDLE Box: 224,5x20x7,5m 0+ BABY CUDDLE The cuddle in 100% muslin cotton is designed for cosy naps and bedtime snuggles and is the perfect companion for warm and tender moments. Size 39x39cm. BABY WOOD RATTLE The cute textile rattle with a handle in wood will stimulate the baby senses and is a perfect toy to use in a baby’s developmental journey. Ø 8cm. BABY PACIFIERS A two-pack of Swedish produced pacifiers from will sooth the baby with comfort and sweetness. Age 0-4 months. NEW NEW

87 baby gifts This gift set includes two top selling items, cuddle and rattle, both in adorable design and 100% soft muslin cotton. A wonderful and exclusive gift that will be appreciated, loved and used. S1025 BABY GIFT BUNNY PINK Box: 224,5x20x7,5cm 0+ S1026 BABY GIFT BUNNY GREEN Box: 224,5x20x7,5m 0+ BABY CUDDLE A cuddle will provide lots of cosy moments for the baby, and it is a good idea to introduce it early in baby’s life to provide comfort and sooth when needed. Size 39x39cm. BABY TEXTILE RATTLE The rattle is both fun and educational since it can stimulate baby’s senses and train grip and hand-eye coordination. Size 15cm. NEW NEW

88 Buddies baby gifts Let us introduce you to your new buddies. Choose from five cute characters, all made in soft muslin cotton, presented in exclusive gift boxes. Giving a gift has never been easier! Size: 28 cm. N0184 GIFT BOX BUNNY Box: 33x13, 5x8, 5cm 0+ N0186 GIFT BOX ELEPHANT Box: 33x13, 5x8, 5cm 0+ N0188 GIFT BOX KITTEN Box: 33x13, 5x8, 5cm 0+ N0187 GIFT BOX PUPPY Box: 33x13, 5x8, 5cm 0+ N0185 GIFT BOX TEDDY Box: 33x13, 5x8, 5cm 0+

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