WE ARE JABADABADO Our inspiration and driving force are the smiles, laughs, and moments of joy created when children use our products. We are not just a brand, we are a passionate business striving to make children’s worlds more colourful and filled with adventure and play. We are a Swedish design firm that creates, manufactures, and sells wooden toys, baby items and interior design for children’s rooms. Our brand combines Scandinavian design with a stylish colour scheme and sustainable materials. With a history spanning over 30 years, we proudly claim expertise in our field. We believe that children deserve the best, not only in terms of toys and products, but also in terms of a world that is safe, sustainable, and full of creativity. That is why every Jabadabado product is carefully designed and made with love and care. We use sustainable materials like wood and cotton so that our products can be cherished, passed down, and enjoyed for generations. Welcome to Jabadabado - together we are building a brighter future. Explore create andplay withus