20 C2533 STACKING CUBES BUNNY in paper and wood. Total H:48cm 18m+ C2531 ABACUS BUNNY 13x6x17cm 1+ C2512 MAGIC BALL 17x17x17cm 1+ C2535 HAMMER PEG BUNNY 22x11x12cm 18m+ C2534 SORTER BOX BUNNY 14x13x12cm 18m+ W7215 STACKING TOY BUNNY 20x10cm 1+ wooden toys After the success with Teddy line, we created a wonderful little bunny which has been featured in more and more items. Our Bunny line has become an important and beloved concept at Jabadabado, and over time Bunny has decorated many of our toys, interior designs and baby products. Bunny line