50 FSC™ & JABADABADO At Jabadabado we make toys from FSC™-certified (FSC™C194598) wood, and we are continuously expanding our range of items. FSC™ stands for Forest Stewardship Council™, an international member organization that works to ensure that the world’s forests are managed in a responsible and sustainable manner. The rules for trading in FSC™ certified wood are very strict and we undergo an annual audit to ensure that we meet all the requirements for selling FSC™ certified products. We believe FSC™ is important since it focus on environmental concerns, assures sustainable forestry, and assures ethical and social responsibility for those involved in forestry and production. In summary, the use of FSC™ certified wood in our toys can be seen as a step towards reducing negative environmental and social impacts, while meeting the increasing need for sustainable and responsible product choices. At Jabadabado, we believe this is both good and necessary! In the catalogue you can find all our FSC™ certified products by looking for this logo: