68 storage With these storage baskets, keeping your child’s room tidy is a breeze. Toys, stuffed animals and small items are easily and neatly organised in these baskets that come in different sizes and colours. If you can’t choose, pick several! K017 STORAGE SMALL GREY 28x28x24cm K018 STORAGE SMALL PINK 28x28x24cm K033 STORAGE BASKET GREY 40x40cm K034 STORAGE BASKET GREY 40x40cm K021 STORAGE BASKET TEDDY 40x40cm K013 BED STORAGE WHITE 70x66x7cm K014 BED STORAGE BEIGE 70x66x7cm K016 STORAGE SMALL TEDDY 28x28x24cm K015 STORAGE SMALL BUNNY 28x28x24cm K022 STORAGE BASKET BUNNY 40x40cm