84 baby gifts Our most exclusive baby gift comes in a lavish gift box and includes three thoroughly selected items to give baby a good start in life. S1021 BABY GIFT BUNNY BLANKET Box: 26,5x22x8cm 0+ S1022 BABY GIFT TEDDY BLANKET Box: 26,5x22x8cm 0+ BABY BLANKET The soft blanket is made in 100% muslin cotton and an essential for the new baby. Size 70x90cm. BABY TEXTILE RATTLE The adorable rattle in 100% soft muslin cotton is the perfect companion for the baby’s developmental journey. Size 15 cm. MUSICAL The cute musical will infuse bedtime with magic, turning each night or nap into an enchanting lullabyfilled adventure. Size 21 cm. Plays ”Brahms Lullaby”. NEW NEW