Upplev Kattegattleden 2022 EN

22 Laholm Make a detour! Laholm is Halland’s oldest town, and in the winding alleys of Gamleby, you can still get a sense of the Middle Ages, while Stortorget square is dominated by the attractive town hall from the 1700s. On almost every street corner is a sculpture. Laholm is therefore known as “the little town with the big works of art”. You’ll also find Teckningsmuseet – the only museum in the Nordic region dedicated to drawing. Laholm’s awardwinning town park has been designed based on the motto “wild is beautiful”. There, you can walk through the Wild Forest, Woodland and Spring Hill. The River Lagan flows alongside the town centre and here you can enjoy smoked delicacies on the shore of the river. In cosy Laholm you will find places to stay, along with shops, cafes and restaurants. You can easily get to Laholm town centre from Kattegattleden (about 20 minutes by bike). The path follows the sea and Sweden’s longest sandy beach. At Skummeslövsstrand and Mellbystrand you’ll find restaurants close to the beach, eateries with outdoor seating, cafes, ice cream bars and overnight accommodation. The nature reserve features unique sand dunes and a magical pine forest. DISCOVER MORE visitlaholm.se Photography: Fredrik Selander The little town with the big works of art Photography: visitlaholm.se