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K eg Ör n Denmark Helsingborg Gothenburg Kungsbacka Varberg Falkenberg Halmstad Båstad Ängelholm Höganäs Laholm 2

3 This is Kattegattleden..................................p.4 Helsingborg.................................................p. 6 STAGE 1 - Helsingborg – Höganäs .............p. 7 Höganäs ....................................................p. 10 STAGE 2 - Höganäs – Ängelholm .............p. 11 Ängelholm.................................................p. 14 STAGE 3 - Ängelholm – Båstad ................p. 15 Båstad .......................................................p. 18 STAGE 4 - Båstad – Laholm – Halmstad ..p. 19 Laholm ......................................................p. 22 Halmstad...................................................p. 24 STAGE 5 - Halmstad – Falkenberg ...........p. 25 Falkenberg ................................................p. 28 STAGE 6 - Falkenberg – Varberg ..............p. 29 Varberg......................................................p. 32 STAGE 7 - Varberg – Kungsbacka ............p. 33 Kungsbacka ..............................................p. 36 STAGE 8 - Kungsbacka – Gothenburg......p. 37 Gothenburg ...............................................p. 40 Notes ....................................................p. 41 Highlights..................................................p. 42 Map ...........................................................p. 43 The journey is just as important as the destination. Along with the cycling map, this brochure is your guide to Kattegattleden. It contains many highlights that you can experience along the way. Naturally, more hidden gems, exciting adventures – and people – await you. Pack your cycling map and start pedalling! Follow the red signs with the number 1. Have a great trip! Kattegattleden WELCOME TO Contents Photography, over photo: Oskar Albrektson

4 Kattegattleden THIS IS Photography: Patrik Leonardsson Photography: Göran Assner Photography: Ateljé Lena Photography Photography: Ateljé Lena Photography

5 A seaside cycle path with great experiences Kattegattleden is a 390 kmlong cycle path along the coast from Helsingborg in Skåne, through Halland, to Gothenburg. Kattegattleden opened on 6 June 2015 and is Sweden’s first national tourist cycle route. No matter where you begin your adventure, Kattegattleden offers enchanting views and memorable experiences. You will bike through incredible coastal nature close to beautiful sandy beaches and gorgeous viewpoints, and pass through picturesque fishing villages and cosy towns. Hungry for a snack or a meal? You can fill up on energy and sample local specialities at cafes and restaurants along the path. When you get tired, accommodation options abound – everything from campsites and bed & breakfasts to hotels. Cycling is freedom! From your bike saddle, you can experience Kattegattleden while constantly breathing in the scent of the sea. You can cycle on Kattegattleden all year round, and prior to the cycling season, 15 April to 15 October, the path is checked and quality assured. Kattegattleden is suitable for the whole family and there are many visitor destinations and activities to suit children of different ages. Some stages of the path are still being renovated, so you will need to be extra careful on those stages. The number 1 on the sign means that Kattegattleden is Sweden’s first national cycle path. m 0 160 120 80 40 0 km 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 260 280 300 320 340 360 380 395 Helsingborg Höganäs Ängelholm Båstad Laholm Halmstad Falkenberg Varberg Kungsbacka Göteborg Photography: Ateljé Lena Photography

6 Photography: Anna Alexander Olsson Photography: David Lundin Centrally located at Helsingborg C are around 800 cycle parking spaces. Perfect for when you want to discover what the centre has to offer. You can pump up your tyres in 9 places in Helsingborg. DISCOVER MORE visithelsingborg.com Helsingborg Sweden’s most pleasant city Fantastic restaurants, a wealth of shopping opportunities and a wide range of cultural activities – there’s something for everyone in Helsingborg. Here, you can stroll along Sweden’s oldest pedestrian street, Kullagatan, browse the shops and have a nice coffee break in one of the cosy cafes in the centre. If you’re passionate about history, beautiful castles and nature experiences, you won’t be disappointed. In central Helsingborg you can admire the view over the Öresund strait from the medieval Kärnan tower, visit beautiful St Mary’s Church and make an excursion to the royal palace of Sofiero, with its fantastic gardens. At Fredriksdal openair museum, you can walk in historical gardens and be entranced by old native breeds of cows, horses, pigs and sheep, and at Dunkers arts centre you’ll find exciting exhibitions, all year round. Helsingborg is one of the cities in Sweden with the most restaurants per square metre. There’s a wide variety in terms of both food and atmosphere – you’ll find everything from cosy places around Mariatorget square to restaurants with a wonderful view of the strait where you can enjoy the sea air.

Öresund Skälderviken Helsingborg Höganäs Ängelholm Söde råsen H a l l a n d s å s e n Kullen Helsingør Bjuv Klippan Åstorp Viken Hittarp Helsingborg Halmstad Göteborg Varberg Laholm Höganäs Båstad Falkenberg Kungsbacka Ängelholm 7 From Helsingborg you cycle north, passing by Sofiero Palace and the long, wonderful beaches at Domsten and Viken. The path goes alongside the water, and the view of the glittering Öresund strait is magical to say the least. ELEVATION PROFILE A GPX file of the path is available for you to download to your device at kattegattleden.se STAGE 1 Helsingborg – Höganäs 22 km STAGE LENGTH 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 0 20 40 60 Distance (km) Height (m) Helsingborg Höganäs

8 PRACTICAL INFORMATION In Helsingborg, Kattegattleden starts and/or ends at Helsingborg C – where the train station, ferry terminal and longterm car park are located. OPENING HOURS Remember to check the opening times of the visitor destinations and facilities you intend to visit and ideally book your accommodation in advance! CYCLE SERVICE If something happens to your bike en route, you will find all the cycle workshops along the path at kattegattleden.se Kattegattleden starts – or finishes – in one of the Nordic region’s oldest cities, Helsingborg. The first stretch takes you from the city centre to Gröningen and Fria bad, two popular bathing spots that offer sun, sea and ice cream. Sit and relax a while, because you’ll soon come to the first uphill stretch of the path. Slightly further on is Sofiero Palace and Sofiero Farm, with bakery and café that are well worth a visit. The path continues northwards, passing small picturesque fishing villages and marinas such as Domsten and Viken. Just outside Viken, you can make a detour to Beredskapsmuseet military defence museum, Sweden’s only museum housed in a preserved underground military facility from World War II. Cycle on towards Höganäs and enjoy the view of the Öresund strait before you arrive at Kvickbadet beach, just south of Höganäs harbour. STAGE 1 Helsingborg – Höganäs BIKES ON TRAINS AND BUSES If you want to take your bike onboard, buy a bike ticket before boarding. You can take your bike on the train, in the wagon with a bike symbol on the side, if space permits. Regional buses have bike holders and will take bikes if space permits. Bear in mind that bikes are not permitted on SJ trains. Full terms and conditions are available at skanetrafiken.se More information and tips are available at kattegattleden.se Photography: Hanna Larsson Photography: Höganäs Municipality Photography: Ateljé Lena Photography

9 Photography: David Lundin 6. Viken At Viken, a stone’s throw from the path, is Paul Jönska Gården, with its stunning garden. HIGHLIGHTS Helsingborg – Höganäs 4. Sofiero slott & slottsträdgård The palace park is a flourishing oasis with 10,000 blooming rhododendron bushes in a cascade of different colours. 5. Christians fiskebod Drop by Domsten harbour and visit a hidden gem offering fish and seafood that attracts guests from far and wide. 2. Järnvägsmännens badplats & Gröningen Gem of the Sound. Gröningen is a popular meeting place near Norra Hamnen in the city centre. 3. Pålsjöpaviljongen Café & Våffelbageri In the middle of Pålsjö skog, a beautiful beech and oak forest, is popular Pålsjöpaviljongen from 1914, which features a cafe serving waffles. 1. Kärnan Kärnan is a medieval watch tower that has watched over Helsingborg for 700 years. The tower offers expansive views of the city, all the way to Elsinore across the Sound. Photography: Anders Ebefeldt Photography: Anders Ebefeldt Photography: Alexander Olsson Photography: Höganäs Municipality Photography: Höganäs Municipality 7. Kvickbadet i Höganäs Here, you can play minigolf, eat at the restaurants and bathe on the childfriendly sandy beaches with their shallow water. Worth a detour. The highlight is a short distance from the path. You will find more highlights at kattegattleden.se

10 Höganäs A cavalcade of experiences await in the Kullahalvön peninsula The Höganäs Kullabygden area offers several hidden gems along Kattegattleden – everything from dramatic nature and family-friendly visitor destinations to places with that little bit extra that add sparkle to your cycling trip. You’ll pass many delightful beaches suitable for bathing and picturesque harbours. In other words, you have a great deal to choose between when it’s time to stretch your legs and have a coffee break. The focus is on food and drink in Höganäs Kullabygden. You’ll find a large number of cafes, restaurants, vineyards and farm shops. For those who enjoy art and ceramics, there’s also a great deal to be discovered. Take the opportunity to pump up your tyres in Höganäs Municipality. There are practical public bike pumps along the path to help you keep going on your trip. DISCOVER MORE visithoganas.se Photography: Höganäs Municipality Photography: Höganäs Municipality

Skälderviken Helsingborg Höganäs Båstad Ängelholm S ö d e r å s e n H a l l a n d s å s e n Kullen Bjärehalvön Helsingør Bjuv Klippan Åstorp Örkelljunga Jonstorp Arild Helsingborg Halmstad Göteborg Varberg Laholm Höganäs Båstad Falkenberg Kungsbacka Ängelholm 11 You cycle across the stunning Kullahalvön peninsula, full of art, farm shops and flea markets. The stretch is a mix of low rolling open fields and high hilly terrain with fantastic views. ELEVATION PROFILE 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 0 20 40 60 Distance (km) Height (m) Höganäs Ängelholm STAGE 2 Höganäs – Ängelholm 39 km STAGE LENGTH A GPX file of the path is available for you to download to your device at kattegattleden.se

12 After Höganäs you’ll pass by small harbours and bathing beaches such as Strandbaden and Nyhamnsläge. The trip continues across the beautiful, dramatic Kullahalvön peninsula. Just after Lerhamn is Krapperup Fortress, dating back to the 1500s. On the furthest tip of Kullahalvön peninsula is the Kullaberg nature reserve, and if you have time for a detour, it’s well worth a visit. Kullaberg offers a variety of activities, including hiking and rock climbing. The highest point – Håkull – is 187 metres above sea level. When you once again reach the sea, you’ll pass by the villages of Arild, Skäret, Jonstorp and Norra Häljaröd, and there are several nice cafes along this stretch. On the way in towards Ängelholm is Kronoskogen. In the southern part of this forest, known as Sibirien (Siberia), there is an interesting UFO monument. STAGE 2 Höganäs – Ängelholm More information and tips are available at kattegattleden.se Photography: Anders Ebefeldt Photography: Ateljé Lena Photography

13 HIGHLIGHTS Höganäs – Ängelholm 8. Höganäs Museum The museum offers several art exhibitions each year. Don’t miss the interesting exhibitions on ceramics and local history. 10. Keramiskt center In the outlet store area in Höganäs you will find Keramiskt center, with exhibitions of ceramics as well as a shop and workshop. 9. Salthallarna Some distance away from the path but perfekt for lunch or coffee. After you’ve enyoyed your meal, you can be inspired and shop for art, interior design and vintage! 12. Kullaberg naturreservat Experience Kullaberg nature reserve, with its beautiful forests, dramatic cliffs and breathtaking views of the Öresund strait and Kattegatt sea area. At the Kullaberg visitor centre, 8 km from the path, staff will be happy to give you tips on visitor destinations and hiking trails. 11. Krapperup After Lerhamn you can turn off towards Krapperup Fortress. There you’ll find a cafe, art gallery, museums and a beautiful park that’s always open to visitors. 13. Arild Picturesque Arild offers a cafe in the harbour and restaurants at the village’s hotel, with views of the pretty village. 14. Trädgårdsköket This cafe offers homemade delicacies. Take a seat in the delightful greenhouse and enjoy a good cup of coffee and a delicious homemade cake or pastry. 15. Ufo-monumentet Did creatures from another planet land in Ängelholm? In the forest known as Sibirien (Siberia) in southern Ängelholm, there is a unique UFO monument. Photography: Keramiskt Center Photography: Höganäs Municipality Photography: Mamsellen & Matverkstan Photography: Lisbeth Holmåker Photography: Höganäs Municipality Worth a detour. The highlight is a short distance from the path. You will find more highlights at kattegattleden.se

14 DISCOVER MORE engelholm.com Ängelholm City of activities and experiences! Six kilometres of sandy beach, crystal clear water and pleasant sand dunes – Ängelholm, beautifully located in Skälderviken bay between the Bjärehalvön and Kullahalvön peninsulas, tempts you with magnificent nature experiences. The Rönne å river winds through the town, enticing you to go canoeing or fishing. If you’re lucky you might catch some salmon, pike or perch, and if you’re passing through during the summer, a trip on the Laxen sightseeing boat is recommended. In a leafy deciduous forest in the middle of town, you’ll find Ängelholms Hembygdspark, a wonderful oasis for all the family. It features a zoo with Nordic animals, five different museums and a delightful playground. Will you dare to go on the walkway high up among the treetops? The railway museum and Ängelholm aviation museum are two museums suitable for the entire family, and in central Ängelholm you’ll find everything from small, cosy shops and cafes to restaurants where you can enjoy local produce. Photography: Ateljé Lena Photography Photography: Ateljé Lena Photography

Skälderviken Laholm Höganäs Båstad Ängelholm H a l l a n d s å s e n Kullen Bjärehalvön Klippan Örkelljunga Vejbystrand Torekov Hallands Väderö Helsingborg Halmstad Göteborg Varberg Laholm Höganäs Båstad Falkenberg Kungsbacka Ängelholm 0 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 48 52 57 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 Distance (km) Height (m) Ängelholm Båstad 15 This part of Kattegattleden is the most hilly stretch. Enjoy stunning views of the sea and the varied agricultural landscape of the Bjärehalvön peninsula. ELEVATION PROFILE STAGE 3 Ängelholm – Båstad 55 km STAGE LENGTH A GPX file of the path is available for you to download to your device at kattegattleden.se

16 Kattegattleden passes through central Ängelholm, right alongside the train and bus station, taking you on down to the beautiful district of Havsbaden. There, you’ll experience a forest landscape, untouched nature and a wonderful wide, long sandy beach. Stop off at the beach kiosk to sample some Engelholms Glass, the town’s own brand of ice cream. The journey continues along the coast towards Skälderviken, through hamlets and fishing villages. On the way you’ll cross the Rönne å river – a perfect place to stop and do some canoeing or maybe take a relaxing trip on a SUP. You pass by Skepparkroken and Vejbystrand before turning off in Killebäckstorp towards picturesque Torekov. There are cafes, restaurants and you can also take the boat over to the island of Hallands Väderö. The path continues from Torekov into the heart of the Bjärehalvön peninsula. You’ll be greeted by a smallscale agricultural landscape typical of the Bjärehalvön peninsula, shaped by and based on cattle breeding since the prehistoric period. You’ll see the sea again at Norrvikens Trädgårdar and continue on the path towards Båstad harbour. STAGE 3 Ängelholm – Båstad Photography: Ateljé Lena Photography Photography: Ateljé Lena Photography More information and tips are available at kattegattleden.se

17 HIGHLIGHTS Ängelholm – Båstad Photography: Ateljé Lena Photography Photography: Hendric Bengtsson Photography: Louise Nordström Pettersson Photography: Charlotta Bjärholm Photography: Anna-Karin Nilsson 20. Hallands Väderö This island is a gem in the Kattegatt strait, a muchloved location for bathers and boaters and one of Sweden’s most exciting environments for birdwatchers and biologists. The island has an area of only 3 km2 but still accommodates a wide variety of nature. If you want to discover the island, you should walk along one of the designated paths. You can go bathing in several places from the rocks and on the beaches with their shallow waters. It’s a good idea to take your own picnic and mosquito repellent if you’re going through the forest. 16. På Stan Ängelholm offers an exciting mix of small specialist shops, exclusive boutiques and several large chains. You can stroll around the centre for hours, enjoying stressfree shopping in a pleasant environment. 17. Hembygdsparken & Upzone This park consists of a zoo, five museum buildings and a playground for the young. It also features the Upzone adventure park, an experience for all those who like to get active, push their boundaries and, above all, have great fun. 18. Vejby Vingård A small, charming, familyowned vineyard where you can experience the taste of Bjärehalvön in a wine glass! 19. Lillaro Café The hidden gem in the countryside. Lillaro is the perfect place for you to go for a coffee where it’s quiet and peaceful – really quiet and peaceful. 22. Birgit Nilsson Museum Visit Birgit Nilsson’s childhood home, which is now a museum. Moments from opera diva La Nilsson’s life are presented through private items, sound and images. There are memories that she herself shared, along with things that other people have recounted over the years. The museum also has a cafe. 21. Butikerna på Gården The shop Tant Grön is full to the brim with delicacies such as cheeses, olive oils, marmalades, pasta, chocolate and plenty more items that make life a delight. Elin & Arvid is a rural lifestyle store, with attractive clothing and stylish interiors items. 23. Norrvikens Trädgårdar Norrviken is a green oasis with marvellous views of Laholmsbukten bay. There, you can see seven gardens in different styles. Villa Abelin is home to the Orangeriet restaurant and café Salamander. The atmosphere at Norrviken is romantic and there’s a magical feeling in the place. Photography: Vejby Vingård Photography: Lisbeth Holmåker Photography: Bradley Wells Worth a detour. The highlight is a short distance from the path. You will find more highlights at kattegattleden.se

18 Båstad Active lifestyle all year round Welcome to an unusually beautiful place offering a wealth of activities, experiences and enjoyment. At the start of the 1900s Ludvig Nobel (nephew of Alfred Nobel) came to Båstad in the Bjärehalvön peninsula and fell in love with its natural beauty. He saw the potential for tourism and developed the area into an international visitor destination. He focused on activities such as golf and tennis, and today you will find no less than 41 tennis courts and 126 golf holes within a comfortable distance in attractive natural surroundings. There are over 150 kilometres of designated hiking trails in Bjärehalvön. There, you can enjoy walking in the salty air, milewide views, magical beech forests and glittering sea. Make sure you stop by one of the smallscale farm shops where you can browse the local produce. Wonderful holiday accommodation, warm baths and spa facilities offer you some welldeserved rest and recuperation. It’s easy to feel good in Båstad and Bjärehalvön, year round. DISCOVER MORE bastad.com Photography: Louise Nordström Pettersson Photography: Gunilla Hovenäs

Laholmsbukten Halmstad Laholm Båstad H a l l a n d s å s e n Bjärehalvön Mellbystrand Gullbranna Hallands Väderö Helsingborg Halmstad Göteborg Varberg Laholm Höganäs Båstad Falkenberg Kungsbacka Ängelholm 19 This part of the path takes you along Sweden’s longest sandy beach and through lush nature reserves. ELEVATION PROFILE STAGE 4 Båstad – Laholm – Halmstad 42 km STAGE LENGTH 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 41 0 20 40 60 Distance (km) Height (m) Båstad Halmstad A GPX file of the path is available for you to download to your device at kattegattleden.se

More information and tips are available at kattegattleden.se 20 From Båstad harbour, you follow the sea until you reach the pine forest in Hemmeslöv and cross the border between Halland and Skåne. A less challenging stretch along Laholmsbukten’s long sandy beach now awaits. In familyfriendly Skummeslövsstrand you’ll find restaurants and cafes. The sea is shallow and the landscape wide open. A few kilometres inland lies beautiful Skottorp Palace and cosy Laholm, Halland’s oldest town. It takes around 20 minutes to get from the path to Laholm. A couple of kilometres north of Skummeslövsstrand, you’ll come to Mellbystrand, a seaside resort with memories from times past. There, the dunes are higher and the sea wilder. You’ll pass ice cream shops, minigolf courses and cafes and restaurants with outdoor seating. North of Mellbystrand is a stretch along sand dunes, through a beach forest and nature reserve, past Laxvik and out into open country south of Halmstad. Before you leave the sea, you can stop at Påarp’s burial ground with its 220 Iron Age graves. The path then passes Östra Stranden before it reaches Halmstad Castle. STAGE 4 Båstad – Laholm – Halmstad Photography: Region Halland Photography: Patrik Leonardsson

26. Skottorps Slott Sweden’s bestpreserved Empirestyle palace is around 5 km from the path. Today, the castle is a private residence. In Stora Stenstallet you will find Sweden’s most beautiful dairy, which makes cheese including cheddar. 29. Påarps gravfält Påarps burial ground, which is located along Laholmsbukten, is Halland’s biggest burial ground, with over 200 mounds and 50 stone settings. The largest mound, Sänke Hög, is 30 metres in diameter and two metres tall. Findings date the site to the Early Iron Age. 21 HIGHLIGHTS Båstad – Laholm – Halmstad 28. Lagaoset Lagaoset is where the River Lagan flows out into the sea. An exceptionally beautiful dune landscape with a wonderful view of the bay. Few nature experiences can surpass a summer evening here, when the sun sinks down into the sea and turns the sand, sky and water gold and red. 25. Båstad strand, hamn och kallbadhus A perfect place to stop for a refreshing dip at the openair baths or on the beach, depending on the temperature. There is also a wellappointed and charming guest harbour, with a wide range of restaurants and other activities. 27. 12 km sandstrand The long sandy beach is a bathing paradise perfect for families, with shallow water, wide beaches and protective dunes. Laholmsbukten bay is said to be one of Sweden’s best windsurfing locations. In the Hökafältet nature reserve there’s a service area with a cycle pump and an electric charging station. 24. Sveriges Tennismuseum In the middle of Båstad is Sweden’s only tennis museum. An exciting trip through 120 years of Swedish tennis history. If you want to visit Båstad Centre Court at the same time, it’s just a short walk away from the museum. Photography: Mikael von Porat Photography: Patrik Leonardsson Photography: Laholm Municipality Photography: visitlaholm.se Photography: visitlaholm.se 30. Vallgatan The narrow cobbled street of Vallgatan features several pleasant buildings and gives an impression of how things looked in the town in the 1500s. Here and there you can see the remains of the old rampart around Halmstad. With its history and ancient halftimbered buildings, Vallgatan is a Halmstad favourite! Photography: Destination Halmstad Worth a detour. The highlight is a short distance from the path. You will find more highlights at kattegattleden.se

22 Laholm Make a detour! Laholm is Halland’s oldest town, and in the winding alleys of Gamleby, you can still get a sense of the Middle Ages, while Stortorget square is dominated by the attractive town hall from the 1700s. On almost every street corner is a sculpture. Laholm is therefore known as “the little town with the big works of art”. You’ll also find Teckningsmuseet – the only museum in the Nordic region dedicated to drawing. Laholm’s awardwinning town park has been designed based on the motto “wild is beautiful”. There, you can walk through the Wild Forest, Woodland and Spring Hill. The River Lagan flows alongside the town centre and here you can enjoy smoked delicacies on the shore of the river. In cosy Laholm you will find places to stay, along with shops, cafes and restaurants. You can easily get to Laholm town centre from Kattegattleden (about 20 minutes by bike). The path follows the sea and Sweden’s longest sandy beach. At Skummeslövsstrand and Mellbystrand you’ll find restaurants close to the beach, eateries with outdoor seating, cafes, ice cream bars and overnight accommodation. The nature reserve features unique sand dunes and a magical pine forest. DISCOVER MORE visitlaholm.se Photography: Fredrik Selander The little town with the big works of art Photography: visitlaholm.se

You’ve probably had the chance to take a lot of wonderful pictures on your cycling trip – please share them on Instagram: #kattegattleden 23 Photography: Ron Johansson

24 Halmstad The city with three hearts The county town of Halmstad, which was granted its town charter in 1307, is Halland’s largest city, with 100,000 inhabitants. Halmstad is known as one of Sweden’s best summer cities and offers many events and vibrant street life. The Kattegattleden passes through central Halmstad and crosses the River Nissan, right next to Halmstad Castle. The county governor lives in the castle, which dates from the 1600s. It’s not open to the public, but take the chance to rest your legs and look around the courtyard. Stora Torg square is on the other side of the street, a perfect starting point for shopping and dining at a restaurant. You can easily get around Halmstad on your bike. In several places in the municipality there are cycle pumps, where you can quickly and easily pump up your tyres at no charge. DISCOVER MORE destinationhalmstad.se Photography: Destination Halmstad Photography: Destination Halmstad

Nissan Halmstad Falkenberg Oskarström Haverdal Steninge Getinge Helsingborg Halmstad Göteborg Varberg Laholm Höganäs Båstad Falkenberg Kungsbacka Ängelholm 25 Coast and sea, open country, beautiful nature reserves with a wealth of bird life, small, pleasant farm shops ... On the pleasant stretch between Halmstad and Falkenberg, there’s a lot to discover. ELEVATION PROFILE STAGE 5 Halmstad – Falkenberg 57 km STAGE LENGTH 0 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36 39 42 45 48 51 54 57 0 20 40 60 Distance (km) Height (m) Halmstad Falkenberg A GPX file of the path is available for you to download to your device at kattegattleden.se

Photography: Patrik Leonardsson 26 The trip continues west, toward one of the west coast’s most beloved beaches: Tylösand. There, you can bathe in extra safety, as the beach is monitored by professional lifeguards all summer long. Tylösand is followed by Frösakull, Ringenäs and Vilshärad’s beaches before the path turns east. At the windmill in Särdal there is a cute cafe and a farm shop. Around the charming village of Steninge you’ll find several beautiful nature reserves with unique beach meadows. Stop at Steninge kuststation for coffee and pancakes. The path takes you onward on Kustvägen to Ugglarp, where you can take a detour to Svedinos Bil & Flyg museum that has one of Europe’s biggest collections of old cars and planes. Stretch your legs by the sea at Ugglarps havsbad. You continue cycling inland, passing through rolling hills of agricultural land. Here, you can stop off at the viewpoint at Smörkull and Grimsholmen nature reserve before arriving at popular Skrea beach, with its long bathing jetty. STAGE 5 Halmstad – Falkenberg More information and tips are available at kattegattleden.se Photography: Patrik Leonardsson

Photography: Erica Lundberg 27 HIGHLIGHTS Halmstad – Falkenberg 33. Haverdal Head down to Haverdal’s three kilometres of wide sandy beach, a popular swimming spot perfect for picnics. In Haverdal you will also find a kiosk, a restaurant and a grocery store. 34. Steningekusten Stop off in Steninge – a gem by the sea along Kattegattleden. Go for a swim, enjoy the countryside and gaze at the beautiful sunsets. At Steningestranden nature reserve you can find your own beautiful, unspoilt bathing spot. 32. Tylösand One of Sweden’s best beaches guarantees you many wonderful bathing opportunities. If you want a bit more space and peace and quiet, you can either walk north along the beach towards the mouth of Tylebäck watercourse or choose one of the many delightful sand dunes. And don’t miss the popular afterbeach evenings at Hotel Tylösand. 36. Skrea strand Here at Skrea beach, you can experience the best that Swedish summer has to offer. Sun, sea and sand between your toes, and jumping into the water from the jetty. Enjoy afterbeach, minigolf, barbecue evenings on the rocks, socialising with friends and family and, of course, loads of ice cream. 37. Gamla stan Go for a walk through the cobbled streets of the Old Town. There are wellpreserved wooden houses, St Laurence’s Church, a rosarium and RIAN design museum. The museum exhibitions display everything from industrial design to artisan crafts. 35. Smörkull When you’ve climbed Smörkull, you are 52 metres above sea level and have a magnificent view of the coast. In times past, Smörkull has functioned as a beacon hill and has presumably been both a suicidal precipice and sacrificial site. Photography: Marie Hidvi Photography: Caroline Andersson Hidvi Photography: Caroline Andersson Hidvi Photography: Destination Halmstad Photography: pamela.se 31. Grötvik – Stenbrottet Here, you’ll find a cosy marina hidden in the historical quarry, which was active from 1876 to 1965. Grötvik is also known for its magical “motherofpearl light”. This is an environment that has inspired many artists, particularly Halmstadgruppen, a group that found their inspiration in the special, magical light. Worth a detour. The highlight is a short distance from the path. You will find more highlights at kattegattleden.se

28 Falkenberg New memories are waiting to be made here When you cycle through Falkenberg, you shouldn’t be in too much of a hurry, because you’ll want to stop several times. There are more than 13 kilometres of sandy beaches, rocks to bathe from and stunning viewpoints. In between, you’ll find a small town with a wide range of things to see and do. Falkenberg has smalltown charm. A walk through the Old Town, where crooked houses line the cobbled streets, is a must. There, you’ll find Tullbron, one of Sweden’s most beautiful stone bridges. Continue your trip by taking a walk on one of the many beautiful paths around the River Ätran. Close by is the children’s favourite, Vallarna, with a large playground, minizoo, skatepark and an openair theatre that offers an extensive programme throughout the summer. At RIAN design museum you can see Swedish and international design. Storgatan and Nygatan are the best shopping streets. Falkenberg is a recognised food destination, with everything from cosy cafes to gourmet restaurants. Locally sourced produce is something close to the hearts of the restauranteurs, and you can visit several farm shops. DISCOVER MORE falkenberg.se Photography: Marie Hidvi ography: Marie Hidvi

Ätran Varberg Falkenberg Tvååker Glommen Ullared Helsingborg Halmstad Göteborg Varberg Laholm Höganäs Båstad Falkenberg Kungsbacka Ängelholm 29 The Falkenberg to Varberg stretch is a less challenging part of Kattegattleden. You will cycle through open country and experience untouched nature and popular beaches. ELEVATION PROFILE STAGE 6 Falkenberg – Varberg 39 km STAGE LENGTH 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 0 20 40 60 Distance (km) Height (m) Falkenberg Varberg A GPX file of the path is available for you to download to your device at kattegattleden.se

30 After Falkenberg you keep going along a coastal stretch that really personifies the expression “open country”. Here, you can stop off at lesserknown bathing spots such as Stafsinge strand or enjoy more vibrant beaches such as Olofsbo, Björkäng and Apelviken. Perfect when you need to replenish your energy with some ice cream or a meal. Make short stops along the path and enjoy the untouched nature – there is a wealth of bird life and several nature reserves. Make a detour to Morups Tånge (follow the signs for Fyrleden), with its impressive lighthouse that has spread its light over the sea since 1843. On the way you’ll also pass several cosy fishing villages and marinas such as Lövstaviken, Glommen and Träslövsläge, all well worth a visit. As you near Varberg, you’ll pass Apelviken, a beach that attracts masses of windsurfers from all over Europe. The path takes you on to Strandpromenaden and past Varberg Fortress before you reach Varberg harbour, with its openair baths and Societetspark. STAGE 6 Falkenberg – Varberg More information and tips are available at kattegattleden.se Photography: Marie Hidvi Photography: Marie Hidvi

31 HIGHLIGHTS Falkenberg – Varberg 38. Tullbron Go for a walk on Sweden’s most beautiful stone bridge, also Falkenberg’s most wellknown structure, built 1756–61. At the southern bridge abutment are the ruins of Falkenberg Fortress, which bear witness to an exciting history. It’s now a popular picnic spot. 40. Morups Tånge Morups Tånge is a beautiful nature reserve with a lot of animals. Both birds and humans come here to take a break and enjoy nature. Sit down and observe the sea life from the best seats in the house! Don’t forget your binoculars! 42. Strandpromenaden Varberg residents love to walk, cycle and jog along the beach promenade from 1912, from the openair baths in the harbour to Apelviken beach in the south. Enjoy the sharp scent of the sea and seaweed as you walk along the rocks, beaches and the worldfamous nudist beaches Käringhålan, Skarpe Nord and Goda hopp. 39. Vallarnas Friluftsområde In this oasis just outside the centre, there’s something for everyone. Children and their parents spend time in the playground, teenagers prefer the parkour and skate park, while the active like the running trail and outdoor gym. Anglers wade out into River Ätran. And precisely everyone is entranced by the beautiful Doktorspromenaden trail. Photography: Mikael Pilstrand 41. Träslövsläge - fiskeläge In Träslövsläge fishing village, south of Varberg, you can purchase fresh fish, prawns and crayfish (“lajrhommer” in the local dialect). You’ll also find a famous ice cream cafe, with a long, winding queue in summertime. The older parts of “Läjet” have streets with wellpreserved, cosy old wooden houses. The guest harbour features a popular restaurant. Photography: Owe Olsson Photography: Mikael Pilstrand 43. Varbergs fästning & Hallands kulturhistoriska museum Both the fortress and the museum are full of experiences. See Bockstensmannen, the wellpreserved remains of a man who died in the 1300s and was found in a bog outside Varberg, or go for coffee at Kaféet after a guided tour where you’ll hear stories about the exciting history of Varberg Fortress. Photography: Marie Hidvi Photography: Marie Hidvi Photography: Caroline Andersson Hidvi Worth a detour. The highlight is a short distance from the path. You will find more highlights at kattegattleden.se

32 DISCOVER MORE visitvarberg.se Varberg In the midst of history with a particular feel for water In Varberg people are particularly enamoured of water. Back in the early 1800s, the town was already a wellknown health resort to which people flocked to drink the waters, and water still holds a key position. In Varberg you can enjoy everything from relaxing spa treatments to refreshing nudist bathing and pulseraising surfing. Kattegattleden stretches along stunning Strandpromenaden from Apelviken and the surfers’ mecca to the famous nudist beaches and past magnificent Varberg Fortress. Cycle to Varberg centre and experience the lively market days on the town square, or jump on a bus for a day trip to Åkulla’s beautiful nature, with a beech forest and exciting visitor destinations. Photography: Mikael Pilstrand Photography: Owe Olsson

Lygnern Viskan Varberg Kungsbacka Onsala Skene Kinna Åsa Veddige Bua Ullared Helsingborg Halmstad Göteborg Varberg Laholm Höganäs Båstad Falkenberg Kungsbacka Ängelholm 33 There, you cycle along the coast, through forest and across farmland, through small villages and in an urban environment. The path is slightly hilly, as it follows small roads and cycle paths, along with roads with traffic. ELEVATION PROFILE STAGE 7 Varberg – Kungsbacka 72 km STAGE LENGTH 0 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 48 52 56 60 64 68 72 0 20 40 60 Distance (km) Height (m) Varberg Kungsbacka A GPX file of the path is available for you to download to your device at kattegattleden.se

More information and tips are available at kattegattleden.se 34 North of Varberg the landscape changes – the sandy beaches become rocks and the first islands start to become visible: Getterön, Balgö and Vendelsö. The path takes you down to Bua harbour, a fishing hamlet where you can sample delicacies from the sea. The path has mixed traffic through Frillesås and then continues on the old railway embankment, where you can enjoy a carfree stretch along the coast. Pause at one of the bathing beaches in Åsa for an ice cream at the cafe or coffee and a cake at the bakery. Take a detour to Tjolöholm Castle Sweden’s only Tudor castle. You carry on cycling alongside fields and equestrian centres. Take a break in Hanhals at Rolfsbron, a beautiful arched stone bridge from the 1600s. In Kungsbacka, the path goes through the town, one of the biggest trade centres in western Sweden. STAGE 7 Varberg – Kungsbacka Photography: Simon Lautrup Photography: Owe Olsson

35 HIGHLIGHTS Varberg – Kungsbacka Photography: Owe Olsson 44. Hamnmagasinet Hamnmagasinet is in the heart of Varberg – the area around the Societeten park, the openair baths and Varberg Fortress. This carefully renovated listed building was built in 1874. Today it is a centre for art and handicrafts. There’s an art gallery, ceramics workshop, glassworks, silver smithy and printmaking workshop. 46. Bua hamn Along the crab fishing jetty in the harbour, you’ll find a little restaurant. There you can enjoy delicious seafood and more. Walk to the lighthouse at Krokstadsudde, by the inlet. There are three designated hiking trails and great places to swim, with rocks as well as beaches. 48. Tjolöholms Slott This Tudorstyle castle from the early 1900s is stunningly located by the sea. Curious to see how they lived? There are several guided tours per day during summer. There are also bathing spots, a recreated village with workers’ houses, activities for the children and a cafe. The castle garden is always open to the public. 45. Naturum Getterön The Getterön Nature Reserve and visitors’ centre is a true paradise for birds and birdlovers alike, and one of the finest places in Northern Europe for birding. About 170 species breed or rest here regularly. You’ll find guided tours, lectures, a shop and a cafe with a great view of the area. 47. Vita Sand Vita Sand in Åsa is a shallow sandy beach with several bays suitable for bathing and low rocks for those who don’t want to get sand between their toes. Here, you can fish for crabs, play beach volleyball, have coffee or enjoy a delicious meal. The white building, in functional style, in the very south, was a popular bathing hotel in the 1930s – it’s now a folk high school. 49. Fjärås Bräcka Fjärås Bräcka is a magnificent glacial formation. Experience a unique view of both Kattegatt and Lake Lygnern. At Li burial ground there are more than 100 Iron Age menhirs. At the visitors’ centre, there’s an exhibition about the formation of Fjärås Bräcka, and the popular cafe serves homemade delicacies and dishes made with local ingredients. Photography: Göran Assner Photography: Owe Olsson Photography: Tjolöholm Castle Photography: Owe Olsson Photography: Göran Assner Worth a detour. The highlight is a short distance from the path. You will find more highlights at kattegattleden.se

36 DISCOVER MORE visitkungsbacka.se Kungsbacka Soft rocks and long beaches Kungsbacka was founded back in the 1500s and was Danish until 1645. The old wooden houses make their mark on the town centre, offering a picturesque atmosphere with cafes, restaurants and shops. Röda Stugan, Kungsbacka’s oldest building, is now a cosy cafe where you can enjoy waffles and homemade cakes and pastries in the garden. The cottage is just a stone’s throw from Kattegattleden and the beautiful square that is framed by outdoor cafes in summer. The first Thursday of each month that isn’t a public holiday is market day in the square, as it has been for over 600 years. From Tölöberg, Kungsbacka’s oldest water tower from 1897, you can see almost the whole of Kungsbacka. Kungsbackaån river winds through the town, flowing out into Kungsbackafjorden. On the other side of the fjord, right by the sea, is Tjolöholm Castle, Sweden’s only Tudor castle. Kungsbacka is one of the top places to shop in western Sweden. The genuine and traditional are still alive, alongside with the new, modern shopping centres. Photography: Hannah Björk Photography: Louise Petersson

Lygnern Göteborg Mölndal Kungsbacka Hisingen Onsala Öckerö Lerum Partille Särö Lindome Helsingborg Halmstad Göteborg Varberg Laholm Höganäs Båstad Falkenberg Kungsbacka Ängelholm 37 Kattegattleden between Kungsbacka and Gothenburg features stunning nature experiences. Before you encounter the buzzing city life of Gothenburg, you cycle alongside the sea among rocks and marinas. ELEVATION PROFILE STAGE 8 Kungsbacka – Gothenburg 64 km STAGE LENGTH 0 0 20 40 60 Distance (km) Height (m) Kungsbacka Gothenburg 4 8 12 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 44 48 52 56 60 64 A GPX file of the path is available for you to download to your device at kattegattleden.se

More information and tips are available at kattegattleden.se 38 Photography: Hanna Larsson Kattegattleden continues along Kungsbackafjorden. At Båt och Sjöfartsmuseet maritime museum, just below the church in Onsala, you can find out all about “Lasse i Gatan”, the king’s privateer Lars Gathenhielm, who was born here in 1689. Royalty and Gothenburg’s high society came to Särö for amusement in the early twentieth century. Make a detour to Särö Västerskog, where you can walk beside the sea. When you have left the seaside resort, you cycle alongside the former Säröbanan railway track, which runs parallel to the sea. Cliffs, lush forest, bays and marinas line the path and there are plenty of places to swim. When you start approaching Gothenburg, the path passes Nya Varvet docklands, Klippans kulturreservat historical district and Röda Stens Konsthall art gallery. At Järntorget square you head towards Gothenburg city centre, passing picnic paradise Kungsparken and Stora Teatern. The final stretch goes alongside Trädgårdsföreningen, one of Europe’s most wellpreserved parks from the 1800s, before you reach your final destination at Drottningtorget by the Central Station. STAGE 8 Kungsbacka – Gothenburg Photography: Per Pixel Petersson Photography: Göran Assner PRACTICAL INFORMATION In Gothenburg, Kattegattleden starts and/or ends at Drottningtorget – a stone’s throw from the Central Station where the train station, bus station and longterm car park are located. OPENING HOURS Remember to check the opening times of the visitor destinations and facilities you intend to visit and ideally book your accommodation in advance! CYCLE SERVICE If something happens to your bike en route, you will find all the cycle workshops along the path at kattegattleden.se BIKES ON TRAINS AND BUSES If you want to take your bike onboard, buy a bike ticket before boarding. You can take your bike on the train where space permits. Buses have bike holders and will take bikes where space permits. The maximum is one bike per bus. Bear in mind that bikes are not permitted on SJ trains. You can find full terms and conditions at hallandstrafiken.se and vasttrafiken.se

Photography: Jennie Smith 55. Trädgårdsföreningen Trädgårdsföreningen is one of Europe’s most wellpreserved parks from the 1800s, with one star in the Michelin Green Guide. Their famous rosarium features 1,200 varieties of roses and a wonderful rose cafe. There is also the beautiful Palmhuset from 1878, designed with London’s magnificent Crystal Palace in mind. 51. Gottskär In Gottskär, you can swim from saltdrenched cliffs, eat ice cream, have a coffee or enjoy a dinner with a strikingly beautiful waterfront view. On your way to Gottskär, you will pass Onsala Church, where Lars Gathenhielm, the king’s privateer, is buried. 53. Stora Amundön The island of Stora Amundön offers wonderful bathing spots and a varied landscape, with everything from beach meadows to oak forests. On the way out to the rocks, you can walk through a paddock. There are both rocks and wonderful small beaches here. 54. Röda Sten i Klippans kulturreservat In Klippans kulturreservat historical district under Älvsborgsbron bridge in the harbour inlet is Röda Sten art gallery, with exciting art exhibitions and events in an old boiler house. The Konstrundan art tour in Majorna starts here on one weekend each spring, for example. There, you can eat well at Gothenburg’s finest outdoor eatery, or have a coffee and something sweet. Photography: Steampipe Production Studio AB Photography: Johannes Berner Photography: Patrik Leonardsson Photography: Carina Fredriksson 39 HIGHLIGHTS Kungsbacka – Gothenburg 50. Röda Stugan Röda Stugan is Kungsbacka’s oldest building and one of two properties that still show what it looked like before the big fire in the town in 1846. Today, it’s a cafe open in summer where you can enjoy ice cream, waffles and homemade cakes and pastries in the garden. 52. Nidingen The island of Nidingen is home to the world’s oldest double lighthouse. Both towers were built 180 years ago of stone from Varberg Fortress. Nidingen is Sweden’s third largest bird observatory and the only place where blacklegged kittiwakes breed. Nidingen can be reached by boat from Gottskär and booked groups can stay over. Worth a detour. The highlight is a short distance from the path. You will find more highlights at kattegattleden.se

DISCOVER MORE goteborg.com 40 Gothenburg A vibrant metropolis Founded in 1621 by Gustav II Adolf where Göta älv river meets the sea, Gothenburg is Sweden’s second biggest city. The city centre is cosy and compact, and has a zigzagshaped moat winding through it. If you like fish and seafood, you’ve come to the right place. Gothenburg has a rich restaurant and cafe scene, with Saluhallen covered market and Feskekörka fish market being two of the city’s most beloved landmarks. Its location by the sea not only influences the range of food on offer – its proximity to the archipelago also provides opportunities for many pleasant excursions. Go on a day trip on a boat or stay the night on one of the islands. Here, you can enjoy pleasant bathing from the rocks, walks along the horizon, or a crab fishing trip. Gothenburg also has a thriving range of shops, and its cultural life includes everything from museums to opera, theatre and music. Photography: Marie Ullnert Photography: Per Pixel Petersson

41 Notes

More information and tips are available at kattegattleden.se 42 STAGE 1 p. 9 1. Kärnan 2. Järnvägsmännens badplats & Gröningen 3. Pålsjöpaviljongen 4. Sofiero slott 5. Christians fiskebod 6. Viken 7. Kvickbadet STAGE 2 p. 13 8. Höganäs Museum 9. Salthallarna 10. Keramiskt center 11. Krapperup 12. Kullabergs naturreservat 13. Arild 14. Trädgårdsköket 15. Ufo-monumentet STAGE 3 p. 17 16. På stan 17. Hembygdsparken 18. Vejby Vingård 19. Lillaro café 20. Hallands Väderö 21. Butikerna på Gården 22. Birgit Nilsson Museum 23. Norrvikens trädgårdar STAGE 4 p. 21 24. Tennismuseum 25. Båstad strand, hamn och kallbadhus 26. Skottorps slott 27. 12 km sandstrand 28. Lagaoset 29. Påarps gravfält 30. Vallgatan STAGE 5 p. 27 31. Grötvik – Stenbrottet 32. Tylösand 33. Haverdal 34. Steningekusten 35. Smörkull 36. Skrea strand 37. Gamla stan STAGE 6 p. 31 38. Tullbron 39. Vallarnas friluftsområde 40. Morups Tånge 41. Träslövsläge 42. Strandpromenaden 43. Varbergs fästning STAGE 7 p. 35 44. Hamnmagasinet 45. Naturum Getterön 46. Bua hamn 47. Vita Sand 48. Tjolöholms slott 49. Fjärås Bräcka STAGE 8 p. 39 50. Röda stugan 51. Gottskär 52. Nidingen 53. Stora Amundön 54. Röda sten / Klippan 55. Trädgårdsföreningen Highlights Worth a detour. The highlight is a short distance from the path.

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